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NWR: Taking the Plunge and Just a little bit nervous

So we've planned and it's finally time - I've taken my last pill and from now on am joining those TTC!!!   I'm excited, nervous, and scared as all heck.     I look forward to having a little one and watching them grow but am nervous about how it'll change our life (Mine and H's) as for the most part we've been pretty selfish and enjoying our kid-free freedom.    Scared that I'll be a horrible mom, that something will go wrong, or the worst thing, regret it.   Please tell me this is normal.  :)  Anyone else ever have these feelings?  

Re: NWR: Taking the Plunge and Just a little bit nervous

  • jenna8984jenna8984 clam bakes & patriots member
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    YES all the time! Sometimes I tihink about how draining it's going to be and how different my lfe will be. Saturday I got to my friend's house for us to go out to lunch. When I opened the front door, her 1 year old was there on his hands and knees trying to greet me/ simeltaneously escape. So I picked him up and he instantly curled into a ball and fell asleep on my chest! I was still standing and everything. It was sooooooo precious and small moments like that really help me to see that it will be worth it! (but yes, most of the time my thoughts are pure fear lol) Good luck!



  • julieanne912julieanne912 member
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    I'm not quite there yet, but my next packet of pills will be my last... decided that I should get through the wedding before I potentially make myself a hormonal mess haha!

    But yes, I have the same feelings all the time.  Like, yesterday all I did all day was do a few chores around the house and act lazy on the couch because I wasn't feeling 100% due to allergies.  I had the realization that once a kid comes around, lazy days like that won't exist.  

    Also, I don't think I know anybody who has a kid that regrets it.  But I do know a few people (older women) who regret NOT having one.  My guess is there will be bad days where it's like "why the fuck did I do this to myself" but overall it's a great experience, so I hear :)
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  • I definitely have those feelings, but that's why I'm not TTC! :-P


    Daisypath - Personal pictureDaisypath Anniversary tickers

  • Worrying about being a bad mom? Only someone who will truly care for her child will think about that. 
     I constantly ask myself what can I do better as a mom. It's normal.
  • sarahuflsarahufl New York member
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    I think it should be more of a concern if you WEREN'T freaked out about kids. I have always known I wanted kids, but actually making the decision to TTC was a difficult one. It is a scary prospect (just the pregnancy part!) and then- you have to take care of a kid! That is a lot.

    That said, I am excited about the prospect :)
  • I'm going to get my IUD out soon and keep having mini panic attacks of how a baby is FOR. THE. REST. OF. YOUR. LIFE. So, yeah, I feel you. Good luck!!
  • l9il9i Ohio member
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    I've got one more pack after this before I am in the same boat and it scares me a lot but at the same time it also makes me giddy with excitement!  I worry about the things you mentioned too and as other PPs have said, I think that's normal, it means you care!
  • I ended my last pack in January.  We were very, very fortunate to conceive by April.  Now, at 17 weeks pregnant, I am petrified on a daily basis.  I loved my child free, carefree life, but it seems like as we are doing fun stuff that we like now, DH or I will end up commenting about how it could be more fun with a child, or what a child would think of it, etc.  We will make it work, just like you will, and the millions who did before and will after!
  • Oh this is TOTALLY normal. I'm also actively TTC, and actively freaked out about pretty much everything pretty much all the time!

    Briefly: right now I'm worried about maybe having to cancel certain plans (like big mountain-climbing expeditions) if I become pregnant, and that maybe I won't be able to drink wine at the holidays this year (because come on, wine makes any family gathering better!), and how I'll have to put on hold many of my hobbies that aren't compatible with young kids (like week-long backpacking trips...), and how I'll ever be able to survive sleep deprivation, and how my HUSBAND will survive sleep deprivation, and how one of us is going to have to figure out a new job because we currently work in different cities. And on and on and on...

    But all that being said I've always known I wanted to try to be a mother, and I'm almost 38 so I know the time is NOW, and if we're blessed to be successful then we'll figure out a way to make it work.

    Good luck!!!
  • Thank you all!!!! It's EXTREMELY comforting to know that i'm not along in my uncertainties and doubts.   Thank you for listening and giving advice. :)
  • emmaaaemmaaa North Carolina mod
    Moderator 2500 Comments 500 Love Its Fourth Anniversary
    I get where you're coming from. Actually. I'm a week late on my period and I naturally assumed I was pregnant. I went from freaked out, sad, excited, scared, and back to excited. I took a test tonight (my first one ever actually, kinda weird) and it was negative. DH and I were both really bummed about it. It made us relive that we may want to move our timeline up of TTC.

    I think it's natural to be nervous and scared shitless and excited all at the same time.

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