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AW: Married! PIP

Hey Knotties! It's been a while :) got married 8/2/15 but been gone on honeymoon and then work was crazy. Anyway, not sure if anyone remembers me, I was the one with the DW in my hometown in Germany.
I still can't believe how well everything worked out! Even the little details! Our coordinator (from the venue) was simply amazing. As often stated here, the crucial thing is really food, booze and music and all that was amazing.
Also, we ended up having a full on wedding weekend since everyone was invited (and most came) to rehearsal dinner and day after- brunch. I definitely thought it was worth it - so nice to be able to really spend time with everyone.
Also - if you're going DW, don't sweat the decoration details! I had no idea what the flowers would look like and it was great :) one less thing to worry about!
Also, I know a lot of people say not to worry about "the two sides mingling"... But it totally happened for us - people got along so well and clearly enjoyed meeting each other - that was so nice.
Oh, and of course it's a personal decision, but if you're on the fence about kids - I'm so glad I invited them! We had five babies and a few more toddlers. I can't remember any of them "ruining my day" LOL on the contrary. It felt extra special to us to see our close friends there together with their kids.
Anyway. Enough talk. Thank you all so much for all the help and support along the way. You're the best!
PS: I couldn't bring myself to narrow them down more, so here's one million pictures :)

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