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Repurposing Wedding Dress?

Has anyone found a website/vendor who can repurpose their wedding dress into lingerie or something? I didn't spend much on my dress, but don't necessarily want to keep it around.. anyone had luck with this? The infamous pinterest link that's floating around doesn't work :(


Re: Repurposing Wedding Dress?

  • I don't know where she got this done, but one of my coworkers had her wedding dress re-purposed into christening outfits for her children.  I thought that was a really cool and unique idea.  Also, at the bridal boutique I got my dress from, one lady suggest I have my dress turned into a shorter version and I could wear it on one of our anniversary celebrations later down the road.  I'm sure if you find a reputable seamstress or alterations place in your area this could be done.
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