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I've seen a ton of printable wedding signs on websites like Etsy that I like. My only problem is, they charge quite a bit for just the PDF and then I have to pay to have it printed. Does anyone know what type of software is used to make these signs? I think I'd rather get creative and make my own rather than buy one that anyone can get off Etsy..

Re: Printable Wedding Signs

  • Maggie0829Maggie0829 Ravens & Bohs & Crabs & O's member
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    I made my invites and seating chart and basically all paper products.  I used Microsoft Publisher to do it all.

  • If you don't have MS Publisher, you can also use Libre Office Draw/Impress, or Presentation in Google Drive.
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  • Couple of suggestions: 

    - I use MS Publisher for tons of things because of the templates. Publisher is not included in all MS Office packages (at least, it didn't use to be), so a good alternative that usually is is MS PowerPoint. You can throw in text boxes, images, fancy word art, even shapes and arrange and customize them to your heart's desire (for images, PowerPoint also can recolor them or apply artistic effects, and clip art is pretty good these days). 

    - MS Paint or equivalent (if you're not using a Windows system). Less high-tech, but you can still insert images, text, color, etc. 

    - You can also try Canva ( There are limitations to the free version, and if you're including any images you'll want to upload your own (their nicer stock images cost money to use), but it's really great and produces beautiful templates that are super easy to use. I do marketing for my department at work and use Canva for practically everything. 

  • Google "free wedding printables"

    You will find a TON of stuff if you just wonder around online a bit. I found my table number tents online. They were free. Also found a table seating chart for free.

    If you want to make something from scratch the PP have great ideas!  HTH!
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    I used PowerPoint for mine. It was much easier to adjust the text boxes and such than Word.
  • for my invites I used photoshop, I know it isn't something most people have but it works great for this! and they have an option where you can pay $10 a month to download it :)
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  • I used MS Word, and MS power-point there are a ton of free fonts on line too, just be careful where you down load from.. I even figured out how to add them to my iPad so I could sit and watch TV while I played with wedding stationary.

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