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How much has everyone spent on the ceremony site? My church which is non-denominational christian church is charging $500.00 for the pastor/church/wedding coordinator and assistant. Is this normal? or is this relatively high? Theres no one close to me that has gotten married recently so, I thought ask theknot community! Any information would be helpful!!! I live in Northwest Indiana. 

Re: Rates for Ceremony Sites

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    Wow. Our is $75 with the site, priest, wedding coordinator. We are getting married in Fort Wayne at a Catholic Church. If you aren't a parishoner, its $150.
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    I'm getting married at a non-denominational church in South Bend and it's going to cost us about $1000. Granted, we are aren't members but i'm still in shock about the price. Maybe the price of non-denominational churches is higher in general for weddings?
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    Thats the general consensus for non-denominational churches. Ive come to the conclusion that its because they don't have a set ceremony for everyone, so they need extra time to plan it all. But still. thats a whole lot of money for a marriage! Youd think it would be way cheaper! At least now I know its not unreasonable- p.s. they make you become a member to get married there, so theres no discount or anything for being members!
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    I don't think that it being a non-denominational church has a ton to do with the price. When I was lookingfor our venue in Indy many of them had about the same price tag. A lot of pricing I think has to do with the desirability of the location and whether or not you're a parisioner.

    We're getting married at St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church in Indy, and it's costing $1000 as non-parishioners, $100 for the wedding hostess, who I guess is who comes and unlocks the church during rehearsal, and we have to pay their Music Director for his services, but we haven't met with him yet so I don't know how much that will cost. Because we're non-parishioners, we have to use our own priest and pay his own fees.

    So right now $500 doesn't seem so bad to me.
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    The Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum charges $300 for the ceremony site on the stairs; it's a decent price but not very conducive to large weddings. Plus you might fall down the stairs.
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    Wow, thanks for all the help! Its really appreciated. Now $500 doesnt seem so bad! Back to planning!
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    I'm paying just under $1000 for my church, wedding hostess, priest, and organist for the ceremony. It seemed to be a pretty normal fee in my area (Greenwood/Franklin).
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    We also will be right around $1000 for our ceremony site, officiant, coordinator, and music.  Even though the reception is the most fun part of the day, I figure the ceremony is the most important--that's how I like to think of it! :)
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    When we were looking at ceremony sites in our town (I'm from a very small town in southern IN called Washington) we narrowed it down to 2 churches Christ UMC & my church home which is Bethel North UMC. Even tho I love my CHURCH it wasn't the prettiest sanctuary (go ahead and call me shallow! lol) and Christ is BEAUTIFUL! I called and was sent their wedding booklet and we would have spent AT LEAST $500 ($275 of that going to the minister for the counseling which is required plus and additional $150 for performing the wedding). Christ also stated in the booklet that our wedding was NOT about us, it was a church service and if a couple wanted a musician to to play a song they did not know, the musician may not have the time OR the INCLANATION to learn it! It all kind of rubbed me the wrong way to say the least.

    Fortunately, the sanctuary in my home church (Bethel) started to be remodeled. It looks AMAZING and we are only paying roughly $100-$150 to use it. God had a plan I guess!! Good luck!
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    I know nothing about churches... but I paid $40 for my outdoor venue and an officiant for $100... so $140! :)
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