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April 2016 Weddings

April 2016 Brides. What is your story?

I'm Shannon.  I'm a 35 year old divorced mom to 2 sons (Ethan is 8 and Cullen is 5).  I teach High School Autism support in a private school for kids with severe behavioral needs.  

My fiance is Adam.  He's a 35 year old divorced dad to 1 son (Alex is 11).  He was just hired as Behavioral Support at my school.  

Our story goes way back.  Adam and I dated when we were 14, 15, 16...I actually broke up with him for one of his good friends.  We lost touch for a long time.  Life happened and we both got married and had children.  Neither of our marriages worked out.  Last summer, we started talking to each other on Facebook.  In October, I flew from Pennsylvania to Colorado to see him for the first time in 17 years.  He picked me up at the airport, kissed me and it was all over from there.  On that trip, he gave me a gorgeous heart necklace with blue and white diamonds and I haven't taken it off since.  We flew back and forth over 1700 miles every few weeks for months.  In December 2013, right before Christmas, Adam and his son drove 29 hours and moved in with my boys and me.  Adam proposed on the July 18.  Adam and I had a rocky start and almost broke up a few times in the first 7 or 8 months of our adult relationship.  It is HARD combining families and working around money issues and dealing with exspouses.  However, love was always there and we've worked a lot on our relationship.  So, here we are.

We're planning an outdoor wedding with some Pagan/Celtic elements.  No attendants other than our sons...a bonfire reception...nothing super traditional...just very much us.

I'd love to hear about you ladies.

Re: April 2016 Brides. What is your story?

  • Great story, Shannon! Congrats to you both! :) Here's mine:

    My name is Kayla, and my fiancee's name is Kenneth. We met online in 2012, on a video game we both played a lot at the time (Minecraft, of all things!). He asked me to be his girlfriend about a week after we met, but I was...hesitant. For several reasons. One was that he lived in Texas, and I lived in California, so it would be a long-distance relationship (which I had done before and was NOT keen to do again). Another was that he was 17 at the time and I was 20, which was juuust over my comfort level for an age gap...But, he was just so gosh darn sweet that I couldn't refuse, and I never regretted it.

    In January 2014, I was planning to fly down to Texas meet him face-to-face for the first time, but I was hospitalized with appendicitis. He called my family several times a day to check up on me while I was in the hospital, as well as while I was healing for two weeks. I visited him in February instead, and it was the greatest week of my life.

    In June that same year, he flew down to California to meet my family. He helped me pack up my most important belongings in a big ol' suitcase, and I flew back to Texas with him where I've been living for almost a year now.

    Our relationship is so incredibly natural, it's shocking. We never fight, and if we do, we can always find a compromise. We've never gone to bed angry (hell, he's never even left for work angry). We're opposites in some ways, and kindred spirits in others. I could not imagine my life without him. :D

  • Aww.  How sweet.  Long distance is tough (and expensive).  Adam and I flew back and forth between PA and CO every 3 weeks for a few months.  Nice to meet you Kayla.
  • I'm Chrissy and my fiancé is David. We met January 2, 2012. We both worked for an auto parts store. LoL he was technically my boss but I worked on commercial accounts and he was a DIY key holder. I was a single mom to two wonderful children. We didn't like each other. I thought he was a punk kid who was given power and prone to standing in a Superman sequel pose. He thought I was lazy (lol just wasn't getting sent out like I thought I would by my boss and wanted to get to know my customers before being thrown into the lions den answering their calls).

    Eventually my boss left and he filled in for him. At one point a commercial customer asked me to send a picture of a part. It made me uncomfortable so he used his phone and texted the picture. He then gave me his number so He could text me info. He asked my opinion on how my department should be run. Eventually I broke my rule about talking with co workers outside of work and texted him. We ended up texting from 11pm till almost 2 am. We found out we both loved to eat. We are both fat kids trapped in skinny bodies. We made plans to go out for lunch on his next day off and then he ordered me to bed saying I had to be up before him.

    I had to work on his next day off so he picked me up. My one your lunch break turned into a two hour lunch break which I talked my way out of being in trouble for. We had a crackdown on overtime then and before my lunch I was already at one hour over time.

    After our lunch we decided to go to a movie that weekend. I felt like a teenager all night hoping he would put his arm around me or something. When that didn't happen I decided it was just a friend hanging out type deal. Which was okay. He admitted he really liked me and there was something he wanted to try when we were in his car later. I had my hand in the way so I moved quickly and he kissed me.

    The next night he came over to my apartment. After that night he never went back to his place. We unofficially lived together for the next year. A little over a year in we got pregnant. We had our beautiful daughter last year.

    How he proposed.

    I admit I was starting to lose my cool with him over this. He felt like we've only been together for three years I don't want to move to fast. I felt like Come on we have been together three years and I have given you a beautiful daughter! We were sitting together a few days before and I saw a diamond engagement ring I loved and it was pretty inexpensive. He said it is nice you could wear it on another finger. My poor self esteem took a big hit on that statement. I walked outside and started crying. He followed and asked what was wrong. I said when he says stuff like that it makes me feel like he doesn't really want to ever marry me. He said he did and that he just wanted it to be right.

    A couple days later he ordered pizza and he has our fire pit going. We had both wanted one of these for a while now. Our pizzas got here and I fed the kids. He is outside manning this fire pit like if he lets it go out the world will end. So eventually I get the kids in bed and go out with him. It's a chilly night and I am wrapped up tight even beside the fire. He takes my wrap off and stands behind me. The only thin I can notice is his ragged breathing. He asked if I was ready. Um for what?

    He turned me around and got down on one knee. My mouth was hanging open. He said I had given him a family and made his house a home. Then asked me to marry him. Of course I said yes through the tears.

    We joked that like our dating anniversary we would have to get married on April 1st so it would be a date he could remember. As it happens April 1st is. Friday. We are going to get married on April 2nd and if he wants to celebrate it on April 1st no big deal. We already celebrate our anniversary on April 1st when it was March 28th that we started dating. LoL what's a day or two early or later for the man you love?
  • My name is Christine and my FH's name is Steve. We met back in 2004 when I was a senior in high school through a mutual friend (who is actually our best man). We had hung out a couple of times, and I had brought him to my parents house one night to watch a movie. We were in the basement and we shared our first kiss, to which he replied "Well, I guess that makes us official." That was April 13. Four weeks later, he showed up in a tux with flowers to go to my prom with me. We spent every possible moment together that we could, and when we couldn't, we talked on the phone every single day. When I started classes at community college that fall, there would be the occasional skipping of class so we could spend the mornings together, have breakfast, and some quality time. 

    Fast forward to the night he proposed: Yes, it was seven years later which to some people is a lot of time but to each their own. I would hint here and there about our future together, joke about how he would propose to me, etc. New Year's Eve 2010 (going into 2011) we were at another friend's house for the holiday, and I noticed during the day he had been acting strange, but I didn't really think much of it. I went and got my makeup done at the mall because we were going to a party and I figured I had a nice outfit so why not go all out? We had been playing some drinking games, etc. and one of my best friends commented to me that maybe I should slow down on drinking. I was thinking, why would I do that? It's new years. It's a party. I wasn't even really that drunk, but had a good buzz going. At midnight, we watched the ball drop on TV and started celebrating. Went outside to make noise, came back in. Steve got everyone's attention and pulled me to the center of the room and got down on his knee to propose. He told me that he loved me with all of his heart, and he asked if I would make him even happier by being his wife. I was so floored, and whatever buzz I had was completely gone at this point. 

    Now you're probably wondering why we waited 5 years to get married...well, I got into nursing school in April of 2011 and started in September 2011. So that pushed it back. Steve's father was diagnosed with brain cancer in January of 2012. Between everything that we had going on in our respective lives, planning a wedding was the last thing we could worry about. Also, in between that time, we both lost or left jobs that weren't fulfilling, then started new ones. 

    We finally decided on April 9, 2016. We booked our wedding this past February. The day we booked the wedding, Steve's father wound up in the hospital with blood clots in his lungs. He never really made a full recovery back to where he had been prior to this, and we sadly lost him at the end of April. It has been a bit hard because we both really wanted him to be a part of our special day. I had hoped of getting to share a dance with him at the wedding. We plan on donating money to the Brain Tumor Association in his honor instead of having favors at the reception. Honeymooning in Disney World. 
  • I would like to join in here: I'm Anne, my FH is Angelo. We met on an FB group and we got talking. Neither of us really planned for it all to happen, but it did :) He has not officially proposed yet, but we are planning the wedding already, so that makes us officially engaged. He has dropped hints on several occasions thought that he is planning a big thing.. so I'll just wait and see. He will come to the Netherlands to meet my family in October, so I'm really looking forward to seeing him!

    Neither of us has been married before, so we are both clueless as can be. That does make the process very funny, but at the same time, I really want to do it right.

    I'm Dutch, my FH is an American. We are planning to get married in the US, but then he will come over here. We can not get married in the Netherlands for immigration rules: our immigration wants official forms that the US just does not do. After moving to the Netherlands, we will have a 2nd wedding for all the family that could not join us in the States. I am really hoping my family will be able to make it to the wedding in the US.

    Our date is April 23rd.

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