Weather Wiz??

Anyone used the weather wiz to predict their weather?? Did it work??
I REALLY want a "tent" made out of lights... so, no tent at all. Except as a back up if it rains.

I'm leaning towards June 4th or June 11th... but I'm SO SCARED it will rain :-/

I know it's impossible to predict the weather... any thoughts???

Re: Weather Wiz??

  • It sounds cool but its impossible to 100% predict the weather so you will still need a plan B.  
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  • What about a clear tent? Then you can probably still get the effect of a tent of lights.
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    If some other bride says she relied on weather wiz and it was accurate, that doesn't make your chances better. You need a plan B. You never know what the weahter is going to be in CT. In June it could be cool and rainy  - which means muddy. Or it could  be 90 degrees and humid. You invest a lot of time and money in planning your wedding, why leave it to chance?

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