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I'm in love with the black and white anemone flowers but....

My florist says that there not in season. Is there anywhere where I could buy them online or know a place that might have them?

Re: I'm in love with the black and white anemone flowers but....

  • MobKazMobKaz Chicago suburbs member
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    A quick google search offered this alternative.......

    Perhaps your florist can "think out of the box" and find a way to mimic the look you are after.
  • There is a reason your florist is telling you he/she cannot get them.  She may be able to import them from overseas, but they would likely be insanely expensive and it may not end up working out due to lots of factors (see below).  Every once in a while they are available just before or just after their season, but it's a crapshoot.  My florist will be using anemones in my bouquet in October if they are at the market that week (she has seen them once in a while there that early before).  If they aren't, no biggie - she will work with the other flowers we've picked.  You just have to be flexible - unfortunately there's no controlling mother nature! :)

    Copy/pasted from the link @MobKaz posted above...

    Anemones are a seasonal item - their true season is typically in the colder months leading up to Spring (January thru May).  Once the warmer months hit we have to rely on importing from afar, which bares many risks. Agriculture restrictions, quality concerns and market pricing are 3 major factors to consider when bringing in Anemones by way of import. 

    The price points of these little beasts can skyrocket and fluctuate immensely.  It’s a risk bringing in such a high priced item when it is unknown whether or not they will arrive alive, and then there comes quality concerns.  Think about it -this little bunch of fragile anemones are being grown afar, cut, packed, displayed at auction, inspected, repacked again and shipped across the countries abroad. They arrive to us at wholesale level and have to go through intense agriculture screening once again before being released for sale and that is IF they get released! On occasion agriculture will yank this item due to infestation of a parasite or some other potentially harmful bacteria.  This can wreck havoc on other flowers and spread to other things that could end up becoming invasive to local native product. 

  • Maggie0829Maggie0829 Ravens & Bohs & Crabs & O's member
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    Like PP said, there is a reason why your florist said they will be out of season and that is because they will be out of season.  Could your florist possibly import them?  Sure but they would cost you a ton and look like crap.

    I understand that you love these flowers, but there is a reason why we tell people not to get hung up on very seasonal flowers (anemones, peonies, etc) because there is a very good chance that they will not be available.  So my suggestion is to concentrate on colors and find out what is available that time of year.

    If white and black centered flowers is a must, you could always use mini gerbs with black centers.  http://www.wholeblossoms.com/gerbera-daisies/white-gerbera-daisy-flower.html

    [Deleted User]CharmedPamMairePoppy
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