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Help me! Jewelry for this dress

I need help on what to wear for jewelry with my dress. I'm thinking a necklace similar to the first picture with small stud earrings or no necklace and bigger earrings (similar to the picture here). I'll be wearing a veil for the ceremony only.

Also, my dress has the sparkly belt from the first picture sewn on now -  the other picture is from my first fitting and I didn't like the brown belt.

Any thoughts?

Re: Help me! Jewelry for this dress

  • Your dress is beautiful! My neckline is similar and I also have a crystal belt sewn on to my dress. I am not wearing a necklace, I think it competes with the sparkly belt but I also rarely wear necklaces as it is, so it's more comfortable for me to not wear one. I am wearing similar earrings to the picture you posted. 
  • Maggie0829Maggie0829 Ravens & Bohs & Crabs & O's
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    I really do not like necklaces with wedding dresses.  I think that many times they just take away from the dress then add to it.

    So I would go with the earrings you attached and maybe a simple bracelet and/or hair comb (or other hair accessory depending on how you are wearing your hair).

  • Mostly agree with Maggie. Those earrings are the bomb, and the choice for the sparkly belt is a good one. The brown one draws the eye so strongly to the waist of the dress that it distracts from the overall picture.

    There are awesome bracelets for wedding accessorizing. I found this on Pinterest and plan to track it down for myself:


  • Thanks ladies! I decided against the brown because of the bridesmaids dresses.

    I found an awesome Kate Spade necklace the other day but am leaning towards not wearing it now! I guess I'll just have to find some awesome earrings and a bracelet to try out at my final fitting Friday :-)
  • Your dress is beautiful - love the crystal belt. I prefer a classic elegant look - maybe a necklace with both pearls and rhinestones would be a nice compliment to your gown and earrings. If you go with a crystal necklace I'd keep it very soft and petite so as not to distract from your face or gown. I'm sure you will look gorgeous! 
  • My vote is for earrings & no necklace. In the first photo I think the necklace competes too much with the dress & belt. If you want a touch more bling, add a bracelet.
  • Sorry to show up to the party so late, but I wanted to agree with Baluvia. If you're into the necklace idea (sometimes a strapless dress feels naked without one), a solitaire crystal or diamond would look great with those earrings and (gorgeous) dress.
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