Strapless bra help

I'm needing a British 34HH or J or a Polish 60HH or J strapless bra. Near as I can tell, one doesn't exist. Ewa M doesn't hit J in the strapless and I've not found a Kris Line or Comexim in strapless. I prefer Polish as the narrow wires + deeper cups fit better - my cup size doesn't change because the British lines are too shallow so I do orange in a glass with them, plus I have to always take British lines in.

As I know I can wear a vertical seamed bra without the straps and it mostly worked, I'm tempted to take a worn out Comexim long line bra, take the back in so it is snug, redo the straps so I can remove them and add silicone tape to keep the cups up. If it works, I can start with a new bra. I'm figuring long line to offer a bit more help supporting everything without straps.

Gak. Plus sized boobs, stupidly small sized band. I hate bra shopping.

Re: Strapless bra help

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