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Good at-home work-outs

2 months until the wedding and I've only gained weight the last year. LOTS of weight. 62lbs to be exact. I'm so stressed by everything BUT the wedding. I walk 3-4 miles every single day and hit the gym once a week for an hour. Are there any at-home videos that work well since I'm unable to get to the gym more than once a week?

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    I quite like Blogilates and Laura London on youtube. They will work you! If you like zumba, Linda Edler on youtube is amazing.

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    I really like Fitness Blender. You can make selections based on time, target areas, and level of intensity.
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    I love insanity. It doesn't require any equipment and takes about 40 minutes.

    If you have weights, bands, pull up bar, then I would do P90x.

    But keep in mind that weight loss is about 70% food intake and 30% physical exercise. You might want to evaluate what you are eating in a day. My Fitness Pal is a great resource.

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    I like the website Darebee. 

    It has 30 day workout programs (cardio, abs,HIIT, etc) where each day is a different routine.  It also just has a catelogue routines that you could do the same workout say 3 times a week. Some of the routines are superhero based, bodyweight based programs that a superhero would do to get their body. So its a little geeky but my FI and I find that adding that bit of geeky humour to a workout makes it more fun. FI currently is doing a Spiderman workout and alternating out a Jedi workout. lol.

    I'm doing one of their 30 day programs of basic HIIT, The basic program has 3 levels (amount of reps) so you can tailor them to your level of fitness. Then there are usually advanced versions too for once you make it through 30 days, you can continue on.

    I also have a fitbit charge HR which really holds me accountable. If I don't get the goals that I have set for a day done, then I see it all charted out before me and it makes me try harder the next day. And because it has a heart rate monitor, it really helps me know when I need to amp up the intensity.

    Pretty much all the programs are bodyweight, (using your own body for strength, such as pushups and planks) so you don't need any weights or tools to be able to accomplish it. Just a mat.
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    Youtube has tons of videos!  Jillian Michaels videos are pretty good.


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  • Any videos that focus on circuit training like the Jillian Michaels ones or P90X, or Insanity are all really good choices for losing fat. HIIT/tabata workouts are really effective.
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    I ditto Blogilates!
  • I got out of the military a year ago this month and put on weight. Finally back down to my 'before EAS' weight, and now trying to drop and tone to my 'goal' body fat. I discovered while I was in that I really, really dislike group exercise and gyms, so I do most of my workouts at home.

    I take my dog on daily walks and am trying to run with her two-to-three times a week for both our health. I also have marathon training starting this July, so I have to gear-up for that.

    My sister is also getting married soon (this November), and she is bad about exercising, so I told her what I'm doing for an in-home workout.

    120 squats
    200 standing oblique crunches
    65 crunchy frogs
    65 Russian twists
    60 jumping jacks

    Free weights:
    60 tricep extensions
    50 deltoid curls (on each side)
    25 bicep curls (each side)
    1 minute of weighted punches (each side)

    This is a really short exercise (15 minutes), but I increase it all the time. For instance, I may add in another 10 squats and more of something else next week. Heck, I do this while watching Friends after school. I do this six times a week, which is 1.5 hours of exercise not counting dog walking and running. The key is this:

    Start out at your comfort level and increase a little every week. It makes a huge difference.

  • INSANITY will definitely shed the pounds, but it's tough to stay committed to both the meal regime and the workouts if you're not used to intense HIIT workouts. And once you get into Month 2, the workouts get up to 1 hour.

    If working out for more than 45 minutes is hard to come by, try INSANITY Max:30. It is only 30 minutes, but just as intense as its predecessor, and it comes with an on-screen modifier for the high-impact moves.
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  • Anything Jillian Michaels. With her Burn Fat, Boost Metabolism video I lost like 5 pounds in a week. But it was really hard. I've been wanting to try Insanity, but I'm scared.
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    I swear by anything turbo jam (Chalene Johnson).  I lost a lot of weight 2 years ago using it and it's fun!
    My friend swears by Buff Brides, but the book not the video (which I bought both).  I can't vouch for it, because I haven't started it.

  • T25 is what I am currently using and I am obsessed.  I highly recommend using this!!  T25 has you doing tons of push ups, burpies, and core work.  I find it so fun, and look forward to doing the workouts.

    I also use weight watchers off and on.  

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    Pupatella said:
    T25 is what I am currently using and I am obsessed.  I highly recommend using this!!  T25 has you doing tons of push ups, burpies, and core work.  I find it so fun, and look forward to doing the workouts.

    I also use weight watchers off and on.  

    Yes. Agreed. It's quick and easy. This is a great starter and then you can always increase to Insanity. Plus its only 25 minutes and you've gotten a little bit of everything in one shot.

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  • 70% of your results come from need to lift weights(and not 2 pound dumbells) and 30-40min cardio a few times a week at optimal heart rate (for me that's 130-150BPM) to ramp up your metabolism.   YOu can do all the cario and HIIT training in the world but if you don't change your diet you won't see results. If you eat too little your body goes into starvation and stores everything.Consider consulting a nutritionist. 

    IF you are not a regular exerciser you need to be careful what you choose to do at home. Lots of reports from P90X and T25 of rhabdomylesis, which is life threatening, so please be careful. 

    There is no easy fix, it needs to be a lifestyle change..Why be someone you aren't on your wedding day. If you lose 50 pounds and then gain it all back after you get married it's like a bait and switch for your husband.  Just be you. He loves you the way you are. 
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