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Officiant/ Rev.. MIA

so I paid a deposit through the officiant web page and I have yet to receive a confirmation. 

I sent them 2 emails regarding the a ok and I have not heard back.  how long should I wait for an officiant to confirm the wedding is in March.  It has been 2 weeks. 

Re: Officiant/ Rev.. MIA

  • Personally I would call and make sure they received the deposit, just to check.  We met our officiant and gave him a deposit and it took 3 weeks before he sent us the sample of the ceremony.  I wasn't too worried because we had booked him in June so I figured he was busy with weddings and also my cousin had used him last year for her wedding, so I knew he was a reputable person.  But, if I didn't know anything about the person and only paid through a website I think I would have called within a week. 
  • yes finally they got back to me.  its a destination wedding in Florida so I have to start everything via email/web first then follow up with calls. im hoping they are reputable they were on suggested list.  :0)   so nice when i can cross something off this never ending wedding list haha.

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