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custom dresses

Looking for anyone who has direct experience with either 1) having a wedding dress made for you, regardless of where you live, or 2) recommendations for custom dressmakers in Baltimore / Washington area. 

I have some calls out already. Jill Andrews is just too expensive for me, but I may talk to her anyway, she appears to be the most prominent name in custom dresses in Baltimore. But there have to be others, but not that many are coming up on the web, surprisingly.

I can and have googled, and made some phone calls; not looking for suggestions from Google. Looking for references to specific people who you know have done excellent work. Thanks for any good information.  

Re: custom dresses

  • I had my wedding dress made, but I live in the Bay Area, California so not sure if that is going help you. If you have questions I can help, though.
  • OP, I think I'm going to have my dress made too, but I'm in the northeast, so won't be able to help with suggestions. What I did was ask some of the local bridal shops for suggestions and have a list of names now. I haven't called any yet though.
  • I had my dress made by an etsy seamstress.  She has a shop, I think in NE somewhere (but I'm TX, so everything went through email).  She did a great job.  The local woman who did my alterations actually said it was really well made for being "custom" (she gets a lot of brides in there who bought a "custom" dress from China or something).  Her etsy name is TingBridal

  • Monkeysip, I love your veil!

    Looks like I'm not going to be ordering custom after all, I found a dress this weekend (happy dance!).

    But etsy is a good thought too.
  • Gorgeous!  Glad you found your dress!

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