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**Reviews** Wedding Sept 19, 2015 Part 1

I have not posted much but did plan my entire wedding weekend reading other reviews so wanted to return the favor as I used a few less common vendors ....

Plane ... Southwest ...A+  

We flew Southwest and I traveled with my wedding dress & groom's tux as a carry on. There was no problems, the flight attendants just put my dress on top of the other luggage in the over head bins so it would not get crushed or wrinkled. Also they gave us a bottle of champagne when we landed in Vegas :)

Hotel ... Signature MGM ... B++

The good ... We fit 30 people in our one bedroom suite for a party we had on Friday night before the Saturday wedding. It was nice and big but a reasonable cost. We were in tower one and had a balcony with views of the strip. They gave us $100 food credit upon checking in since we were getting married. Also upon Check out they took over $150 worth of food and alcohol off our bill. It was perfect for getting married but we don't think we would stay there if it was just us on vacation.

The not so good ... the carpet had a few stains and some of the furniture was worn. Also it was a bit of a walk to the strip through the MGM but if you went out the front gate onto Harmon it wasn't bad (too bad we figured that out 2 days before we went home)

The Lounge, Signature MGM, Tower 1 ... A+

We used this as a meeting place/welcome party before our Bachelor/Bachelorette parties. I handed out Welcome Bags here and we had a few drinks and snacks (put the $100 credit to good use by buying the first round). It was a great place and the bartender and waiters were very accommodating splitting checks, taking pictures, and keeping track of drink orders.

Bachelor/Bachelorette parties ... Gilley's and Chandelier Bar ... A

The guys had a great time at Gilleys from what they remember, ha! I have seen video of a few of them riding the bull. We went to Chandelier bar for a couple of drinks then headed over to Cleopatra's Barge but it was closed so back to Chandelier we went. Everyone had a great time.

Friday night party food ... Papa Johns, chips, salsa, crackers, cheese, wine ... A

We went through a few options of food for our in suite pre-wedding party on Friday night and arrived in Vegas planning on getting Secret Pizza. When we ran out of time Friday night to get to Secret Pizza we just had Papa Johns delivered to our hotel. It worked out perfectly and no one minded the change. Also we had a lot of wine with my dad acting as bartender and he kept everyone's glasses full even if you didn't want the refill ;)

"O" Cirque du Soleil ... A++

We had 22 people go see O together Friday night. I booked all the tickets together through group ticketing at the Bellagio. They were great to work with sending me marked seating charts and different price points so we could pick the best options. We split the group into 4 rows. Everyone who went loved the show.

Makeup/ Hair ... Your Beauty Call ... A

Good ... Two people showed up one to do my makeup and the other to do my hair. I showed them a few pictures of what I thought I wanted. They would do a little bit show me in the mirror then we would adjust one direction or another. They were super friendly and great at keeping me talking and busy so the nerves wouldn't hit. It only took them about 45 mins to finish. I would book them again in a heartbeat.

Slightly not good ... they were about 10mins late which normally is not a big deal but I was nervous and stressing about it.

I am going to end it here and finish the rest next week when I have a few pictures I can post. Thanks!


Re: **Reviews** Wedding Sept 19, 2015 Part 1

  • Thanks for the reviews!!


    Hmm... I'm intrigued by Papa Johns since I'm trying to plan a meet & greet and decide on food. Which one did you go to and how much did it run? And for how many people? Was the food hot when it was delivered?


  • Glad to hear you had a good experience at Signature at MGM. We're staying there for our wedding in a couple of weeks and I am a bit nervous about the location, so glad to see your positive review!
  • Fantastic reviews!

    Did you get any sort of a deal by going through group ticketing? What was the average cost per ticket? I didn't think at all of doing this, what an awesome idea!
  • Fantastic reviews!

    Did you get any sort of a deal by going through group ticketing? What was the average cost per ticket? I didn't think at all of doing this, what an awesome idea!
  • Hi,

    I did get a better deal going through group ticketing. It was $125 a ticket including taxes and fees. and we had really good seats, first 4 rows of the lower balcony.

    The Papa Johns we ordered from was from a number the front desk gave us so I am not sure which one it was, sorry.

    Location was pretty good. The distance was much shorter by going down Harmon instead of through the MGM. There is also a few good breakfast places in the Miracle Mile shops behind Planet Hollywood.

  • For those looking to order delivery food: there's a Jimmy Johns not far off strip and they'll deliver! They do catering platters too if you call ahead and give them about 24 hours turnaround time
  • Definitely going to look at group ticketing. Thanks for the amazing idea! :)
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