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February 2016 Bride! starting to panic!

Omg I just had a small panic attack because I have been so busy with school and other things that I realized today I have 6 months before the wedding. I Have not gone looking for a dress and I am starting to panic other then that almost everything is booked. Am I the only one panicking?!

Re: February 2016 Bride! starting to panic!

  • If you can afford it I would suggest getting a planner. I was also trying to do everything myself along with work ans studying and realized about 6 months before the wedding that there was way too much left to do. A planner will have vendors that they work with who will prioritize them. That will also free up lots of time for you to do other things like dress shopping.
  • Go dress shopping now! A lot of designers require 6 months lead time to get you the dress once you've purchased. If you wait, you may fall in love with a dress only to find out it won't come in in time for your wedding. There is a ton to do for a wedding, and I agree with safire, a planner may be a good idea for you. But I definitely recommend getting out there and getting a dress soon!
  • i know a great planner in the south florida area, they helped me from start to finish on my day but if you only need them for the 3 months leading up to the wedding they have a 90 day coordinator that handles all the details for you they are there from the start of 3 months before your wedding and is there from morning until your wedding is over. they are pretty awesome

    i would shout them a email to see what they can do for you, tell them you got referred of a customer on the knot they are very very affordable. 

    LaRosa Event, llc-  [email protected]
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