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Wedding Planner or not?

Any ideas?? I have been going back and forth with the idea of a wedding planner and I cant make up my mind. I am still looking for a venue but many venues that I looked at come with everything, catering, tables, linens, chairs, and a day coordinator. So do you think I still need a wedding planner if I go with one of these. My wedding is relatively small with maybe 100 but not more guests, and we are really laid back people. Any thoughts?

Re: Wedding Planner or not?

  • If you are able to book a venue that provides all you mentioned I don't think you need an additional planner. Now there will still be things you need to do, and if you think you need help with those other things or guidance in booking other venors like photograpy etc you may want to consider it. If you still need favors, centerpieces, personal flowers, etc a planner may help with those things.
  • i would recommend a planner, i thought the same thing for my wedding but as it started to get down to everything and how overwhelming it all was, a planner was a big help they did almost everything and from my experience the day planners the venue provides only deal with the venues. my planners came with a coordinator that was by my side from AM until wedding was over, they made sure the girls got dress make up done everything running ON TIME they were awesome. i would definitely recommend and not to mention the discounts i receive because they had long terms relationships with places so they brides are treated better than if you went to the place yourself. 

    LaRosa Events, LLC. 

    send them a email and they will give you a discount on service if you said someone from the knot referred you. good luck 
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