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Catering & Tasting Events????

Hi everyone,

I am trying to get information on catering and tasting for my wedding. I was hoping my fiancé and I could go to a few different tasting, I am just not sure how this works. Are there free events I can attend to taste a specific caterer or do caterers host specific events? If anyone has any information please help!!! My wedding is in January and I know with the holidays I will loose several months of planning because things are busy and closed.

(my wedding is in Miami, FL)

Thank you so much!

Re: Catering & Tasting Events????

  • In my experience each catering company offers a tasting when you inquire wth them. Most charge, but often credit the tasting fee toward the total if you book with them.  I don't know of any speific events that offer tastings. Hope this helps.
  • most catering companies do charge to do a tasting but you would have to contact these caters and talk to someone about a caterer. i would recommend a planner or even a coordinator you have about 3-4 months left. i know this company that provides a 3 month coordinator contract that the coordinator is there for you for the last 3 months of your wedding, they can set up tastings for you, handle calling the vendors, they supervisor everything the day of and do anything you need them to do. i would look into them see what they can do for you 

    LaRosa Event. LLC

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