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Weekend Checks?

Any good "checks" big or small?  PIP encouraged! ;)  

Mine have been completely random. First, a huge relief that all my table runner needs are satisfied.  These burlap runners are perfect and better yet perfect AND hemmed. Thank you newlyseliski!!

Then my parent's came up today and my Mom brought along an old jewelry box that belonged to my Grandma (who was seriously the one of the coolest women to walk this earth!).  She just wanted to check and see if I wanted anything and it turns out that in addition to lots of fun costume jewelry she had an old rhinestone broach.  I'm really excited to add it to one of the belts that came with my dress. Here is a pic using her broach on the white flower.  

Guilty pleasure (confession) of the weekend:   I pre-stalked our future wedding registry at Kitchen Window.  We just haven't had time to go in yet, so I snapped a few pics while I was in shopping for a gift.  We really need to make an official registry appointment one of these days!  That store is my weakness...

Re: Weekend Checks?

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    WR: Finished the design on my invite and ALL the inserts, hoping I can get them printed out this week, going to do a test run to make sure margins are ok/nothing gets cut off tomorrow.

    We bought 4 white 8 x10 picture frame and L brackets to make the rotating card box. I assigned this to FI since I am getting sick of doing all the projects.

    I also am going to have my mom find someone in our hometown to make my veil out of hers from 1971. Well I was at it I convinced my dad to make a wall organizer  a lot like the ones they have at Pottery Barn right now. They are way too expensive there but I really love the look of them.

    NWR: Did more painting in the kitchen so it is about 2/3s done now! Did a bunch of cleaning today, and I made chicken: Beer in the Rear Chicken. It was so easy and genuinely the most moist chicken I have ever had. Google the recipe- it is a Paula Dean recipe- you won't be disappointed!!

    I also prestalked Target to see if we would want to register there. To be honest they have some stuff we could really use, but I want our Crate and Barrel registry to be the main registry, and most of our guests live up north where there aren't any, so I don't want them to buy only Target stuff and not any of the Crate and Barrel.
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    NWR: AHHH! We bought a house in Eden Prairie this weekend! Inspection is tomorrow and if all goes well we close in 30 days! So excited...we seriously have been looking for houses since last september with our realtor, then waited 6 months on a short sale house that fell through, but ended up with the perfect house in EP. SO excited!!

    WR: I got a lot accomplished. Finished working on the inserts for the invites with my aunt who does graphic designing (hopefully I will have pics soon). Ordered my veil and hair flower, had my first dress fitting with Brenda at Amazing Alterations, made a contact list for the WP, finished putting together the pocket folds for the invites, bought a carrot, fish, and turkey paper punch for our escort cards for indicating the guests meal choice, updated our registry, and made some free vistaprint goodies (photosharing cards, return address labels, ordered thank you cards, a banner, etc).

    I am a little more than 2 months out and saw Shan's advice about not waiting til the last week to get tons done, so I am trying to think of everything I can to do so I am not too stressed!

    KateJ10: just made that recipe last weekend...SO good :) I also highly recommend it!
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    This weekend I got a lot of info :)
    -My Step-aunt will be printing all of the addresses and return addresses on our STD envelopes as well as the invitations.
    -My Step-dad's aunt makes awesome wedding cakes, and I gave him the cake that we are wanting to see if she is able to do the design we want. She also makes cheesecakes, which is what we are using for our sheet cakes.
    -I have all of the flowers I want/need for my bouquet now.
    -I found the flowers, flower center's, and satin sash ribbon I need to put together my sash and matching hair flower.
    - We found the black picture frames we need for the table numbers.
    -I found my earrings and bracelet, and will be getting the earrings this week.
    -I found the hair extensions I want to wear on the wedding day.

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    We completed our Victorian photo wall. I'm super excited for people to get to use it and we had lots of fun making it together. Here are some pics of me trying it out.

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    Everyone's checks look/sound great!  = )

    WR: Mine aren't really completed checks... Yet!

    - Decided on the GM's gifts - Knifes from Things Remembered

    - Possibly decided on FFIL gift - another knife!  Still trying to figure out what to get my dad... Having a hard time with that one!

    - Decided on my second gift for my BM.  I plan on attempting to make totes similar to what this Etsy seller made, using this tutorial.  If I have trouble making them or I price them out & the time & fabric costs more then ordering them from her, I'm just going to order them.  Secretly, I'm hoping it's cheaper for her to do it, as I'm not much of a sewer!  = )  We'll see how this goes!

    - Ordered 3 lockets from another Etsy seller.  Two for our mother gifts & one for me because I loved it!  The green one is for my mom, the blue for FMIL.  I'm going to put pictures of FI & I when we were little in them & include a poem with the gift. 

    And here's my locket - It's got a elk or deer... I can't tell which... on it!  I love it!  = )

    NWR: Picked up a new down comforter, finished a book & started a new one!  Other then that didn't accomplish much, except those fun house chores!  Need to work on more wedding stuff this week!
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    I inspected my dress.  All of my other plans are pretty much falling apart so I'm going to throw in the towel soon and make FI plan the rest of it.
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    You are most welcome, Anna :)  I love your mock-up!!  Our accomplishments were mostly NWR since we're hitched!

    At our second job... my hubby and I set up the most ridiculously extravagent high school graduation party EVAH.  Think $150-$200 per table in linens alone... not including the massive floral centerpieces and floating candle cylinders with rose petals and installation charges.  I was knocking out chair covers and sashes like a madwoman.  Anyone else have a 140 guest high school grad party with a catered buffet and DJ?  Pretty sure mine was a few folding tables in my parents' garage :)

    My hubby and I got our living room mostly cleaned and organized!  It's amazing what we can accomplish when we're both home for more than half a day.  We've got almost all the wedding stuff that will be sold cleaned, organized and ready to go, gifts put away, cardboard boxes broken down and recycled, tissue paper folded and saved and a start on the thank you notes.  Whew!
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    WR: All thigns I got checked off....19 more days to go!!!

    -All wedding music on a CD plus a back up CD
    -Started veil
    -Figured out bra situaiton with dress.ended up making my own inserts....cost me nothing!! Saved myself $50
    -Vintage photobooth glasses, mustaches, tie and lips
    -All the BM dresses are hemmed and ready to go
    -All the girls hair flowers are made out of the extra taffeta from the dresses after hemming
    -Got 2 huge hanging baskets to hang on the Pergola my dads making for the ceremony
    -Mom completes the flower girls dress
    -Made my dads boutinerre flower
    -Stamped the placecards for certain meals

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    A little late to this, but I'm excited because this weekend I FINALLY printed my STDs and sent them out. Phew!
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