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Thought I'd liven up these boards a little :) Has anyone gotten married or been to a wedding at Anthony's? My wedding is there next June. I am from out of state so haven't been to many venues in CT but I am sooo excited for Anthony's, it looks amazing (as long as it doesn't rain...).

Re: Anthony's Ocean View

  • I have been to several weddings at Anthony's.  It's very nice and there is some beautiful outdoor space.  I am planning my CT wedding from out of town too so I know the challenges.  I did a ton of research online and visited one before I booked it.  
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  • I'm getting married at Anthony's Oceanview they are incredible there
  • Beware - if you are in the bottom room you are going to hear music from the other side- they say its "noise proof" but it's not. 

    A friend had her wedding there (was hesitant due to that part) when the best man was giving a speech you could hear lil wayne from the next room over. If you're fine with that then ok! I wasn't.
  • Good to know! Luckily we are in the smaller room on the second floor :)
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