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Hair Extension Reccomendations

I have finally narrowed down what I want to do with my hair for my wedding, the only problem is that I have very fine hair that also does not hold curl well. The extensions I can get through my normal salon are $800 and that is FAR higher than I would like to pay. I was wondering if anyone has tried clip-in/ponytail extensions that they have bought online that they especially liked and would recommend? 

The picture attached is what I was wanting to do in case this makes a difference. Thanks! 

Re: Hair Extension Reccomendations

  • I've never tried them myself, but I've heard great things about Bellami.
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    I've never tried them myself, but I've heard great things about Bellami.

    Yep! I bought the Bellami clip in extensions for my wedding and they were great! They are dyable and easy to style too. They'll cost a little more - I think the set I purchased was around $125 or so but that's still a lot better than what you were quoted for long term extensions.

  • I would recommend Luxury for Princess or Zala. I've heard both positive and negative about Bellami, but they're pretty pricey. LfP and Zala are supposed to be excellent but because they don't have the celebrity (paid) endorsements, they're a little cheaper. There are YouTube reviews for tons of different brands. I'd start watching those videos to determine which you feel is best for you.

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  • I got bellamis for my wedding. 

    My hair is shoulder length - and the clip ins are AMAZING!!!!

    I am attaching a photo - I SWEAR BY THEM. So far I have worn them for my bachlorette and my bridal shower - and one random saturday because I just love them. 

    Anything from my shoulder down is fake. 

  • Thank you, everyone! I will definitely look into all of these options. And @libride2015 yours look amazing-I would never have known they were extensions! 
  • I bought mine from Sallys and matched my hair perfectly.  I highly suggest bringing them to your hair stylist and have her trim them while in your hair so they look blended.  The pic below is of the platinum color.  My hair was kind of a mess that day but I think my stylist blended them in fairly well.  They are Euronext Premium Remy Human Hair 18-Inch Clip In Extensions

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