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Who are your vendors?

So I am looking to fill a few gaps in my planning and Im curious who everyone is using... Here are my vendors so far...and some pricing. My budget is $10,000 so let's see if I can stay on track... lol

DATE: March 24, 2012

Ceremony- Botanical Gardens... absolutely stunning. $350 for 2 hr ceremony and $100 is refundable.

Aztek- Chair rental 40 chairs with delivery and pickup $200

Reception- Hotel Contessa- Wedding package $100 per person includes 3 hr open bar, plated dinner 2 options for guests (fish or chicken), passed ordeurves during cocktail hour, reception room, balcony for cocktails, cake cutting included, as well as linens. They even comp'd our room for the night.. a river front suite.

Decor/Flowes- Budget Bridal, Bridal bouquet, bridesmaids, groom and groomsman bouts, centerpieces, sweethear table, uplighting $650 total. She even includes the free toss bouquet.

Wedding Photography- Blue Fire Photo- Kristen Blue is amazing. $800 for everything including the coffee table book. Check her photos online.. AMAZING!!!

Engagement/Bridal Portraits- Alamo Photography- $100 Bridal and Engagement session. He is also doing my "Trash the Dress" session. I wanted two different styles of photographers.

Cake- Williams Confectionary- 3 tier cake plus grooms cake... $200 total. They are family friends so they gave us a great deal. Normally would run $350-$400.

Officiant- Im still looking if anyone can recommend

Marriachi- for Cocktail hour. I am still looking

Ceremony Musicians- Im still looking.

Wedding Dress- David's Bridal. I bought the first dress I tried on. $399... on sale from $900. Sweet deal. Had money left over for a short "after wedding" dress so we can hit the bars downtown after our reception. 2nd dress $99. Now Im looking for a 3rd dress new/used for my Trash the Dress Bridal Session

Bridesmaid Dresses- Debi's Bridal Mori Lee dresses $160 each

Flowergirl Dresses- Ebay $14 each for full length satin ball gowns with pick ups.. super sweet deal

Wedding items- Ring Pillow, Isle runner, Gues book, pen, flower girl basket, pomanders, cake stand, Hobby Lobby 50% off $120 total.

Candy Buffet jars- Craigslist $50 w/scopps

Pocket Invitations- Micheals $20 with the 50% off coupon.

Glass vases and candles for center pieces- Dollar Tree $100

Re: Who are your vendors?

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    Date- 13 Aug 2011
    Venue and Ceremony- Boulder Springs, New Braunfels TX
    Offciant - Brian Lefiste, Northpoint Church, New Braunfels, TX
    Cake- Cake Creations in Pleasanton, TX
    DJ- Altared Weddings, Austin TX
    Flowers- Eden's Echo, San Antonio
    Photographer- AL Collective, Austin TX
    Dress- Mayfair Bridal, San Antonio
    Catering- Southren's Fine Dining, Austin TX
    Videographer- Altared Weddings, Austin, TX
    Wedding Coordinator- Kristi Treadwell, Joyful Details, Austin, TX
    Invitations- 123print.com
    Menu's and Programs- Vista Print
    Tuxes- Menswarehouse
    Bridesmaid dresses - Mori Lee, various stores
    Flowergirl Dress- JC Penny
    Flowergirl Shoes- Target online
    My shoes- Kohls
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    Our date: September 15, 2012
    Ceremony location: Central Christian Church
    Reception location: The Old San Francisco Steakhouse Lounge and "Crystal Room"
        This place is owned/catered by Absolutely Delicious. The package we picked includes 3 passed hors de ourvres for the cocktail hour in the lounge and a duel entree seated dinner for $26.99 pp plus open bar for 4 hours for $16 pp in the Crystal Room. It also includes all linens, Chivari chairs, chargers, and basic centerpieces.
    DJ: Holtz Entertainment
    Cake: Seventh Heaven Cakes
    Photographer: FACES by Jessica

    That's about it for now. We're still quite a ways out, but I wanted to get the major vendors booked early so I could get my first choice. I still need flowers, my dress, and all the little details, but I still have time for those! :)

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    Thats a freakin STEAL on your reception... I want chivari chairs... but its another $400.... :(
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    [QUOTE]Thats a freakin STEAL on your reception... I want chivari chairs... but its another $400.... :(
    Posted by deliciousgroove[/QUOTE]<div>
    </div><div><span style="font-family:Arial;font-size:12px;" class="Apple-style-span">Do you mind sharing where you got a quote for chivari chairs? Great Event Rental quoted me $7/chair.  Thanks!</span>

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    Be careful on quoting pricing. Some Vendors have specials running at certain times, and just because they gave you one price, does not mean another bride will get it too.
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    DATE: September 28, 2013

    Ceremony/cocktail hour/reception hour Sunset Station in the depot (its going to cost us 13200 but it includes the following:
    Dinner – Buffet  (2 entrees, 3 different salads, 2 starches, steamed veggies, fruit and veggie stand)
    Cake Cutting Service and refresh of the dinner beverages
    All Dinner and Cake Served on China ( choice of pattern), silver and glass
    Chocolate Dipped Strawberries to enhance the wedding cake
    Champagne toast for everyone 21 and over
    Menu Tasting
    Poly Cotton Tablecloths
    Poly Cotton Matching Napkins
    Hurricane Candle Centerpiece OR Votive Candles for each guest table
    Captain to over see the evening event
    Professionally dressed staff to service the event
    Photo opportunity on the Sunset Station Grounds
    Catering Manager to Oversee and Detail the event

    Lounge furniture rental for the cocktail hour (still looking) 

    Flowers- I would like to do them but im checking prices as well.
    Photography- the wedding day, engagement, bridal portraits, trash the dress photos FREE.. A friend of ours is doing them.

    DJ- FREE He's our cousin.

    Cake- Nadlers strawberry short cake for the guests. I have to price a little one for us to cut.  Groom's cake- free, a friend of ours is making it. .

    Officiant- Im still looking

    Wedding Dress- David's Bridal.  675$

    Bridesmaid Dresses- David's bridal. They are picking their own. i gave color and length

    Flowergirl Dress- David's bridal

    Wedding items-  Havent decided. 

    Wedding invitations - http://www.sandstone.cceasy.com/ 490.00

    My shoes- myglassslipper.com 170.00
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    In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/local-wedding-boards_texas-san-antonio_vendors-2?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Local%20Wedding%20BoardsForum:103Discussion:60da64a0-f488-421b-bf45-062f6f379bf7Post:b4245f5d-5037-4b57-a041-58598ccf0dd5">Re: Who are your vendors?</a>:
    [QUOTE]Be careful on quoting pricing. Some Vendors have specials running at certain times, and just because they gave you one price, does not mean another bride will get it too.
    Posted by BabyBlueNTexas[/QUOTE]

    This is <strong>very </strong>true, and some vendors may get upset about having their prices known especially if they made exceptions for your budget. I shared the food prices for mine only because it is a package that they always offer and I didn't negotiate that price, but this is def something to remember (about posting prices.)
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    In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/local-wedding-boards_texas-san-antonio_vendors-2?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Local%20Wedding%20BoardsForum:103Discussion:60da64a0-f488-421b-bf45-062f6f379bf7Post:6f42dc4e-4b7c-4c74-8b80-ad8fdf5371f0">Re: Who are your vendors?</a>:
    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: Who are your vendors? : Do you mind sharing where you got a quote for chivari chairs? Great Event Rental quoted me $7/chair.  Thanks!
    Posted by bosidipe[/QUOTE]

    This company has $6.75 for Chivari's posted on their site:
    <a href="http://www.absoluterentals.net/Prices.html" rel='nofollow'>http://www.absoluterentals.net/Prices.html</a>

    but only for mahogany, silver and gold.
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    btw, the chiavari chairs are included at Old San Francisco Steakhouse Crystal Room - the only chairs they have.  We'll be having our reception there in February 2012.


    Ceremony: Little Church at La Villita
    Officiant:  Possibly theirs?  Or Joseph Flores...unknown.
    Reception: Old San Francisco Steakhouse, Crystal Room
    Florist: Eden's Echo
    Photography: Elan Imaging
    DJ: Holtz Entertainment
    Transport: Unknown...don't you hate speaking with vendor, asking for contract, and never getting one?  Ugh. Debating whether I even ask twice.  Only need a charter bus for guests.  No more room in budget for limo...borrowing a classic car.
    OOT Hotel: Grand Hyatt Riverwalk
    D.O.C.: Brandii @ Country Sugar Events
    Rehearsal:  ?????
    Cake: ???? Have a tasting in November and can't even remember who with.
    Makeup:  Unknown.  My budget is slowly busting at the seams.

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    In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/local-wedding-boards_texas-san-antonio_vendors-2?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Local Wedding BoardsForum:103Discussion:60da64a0-f488-421b-bf45-062f6f379bf7Post:b4245f5d-5037-4b57-a041-58598ccf0dd5">Re: Who are your vendors?</a>:
    [QUOTE]Be careful on quoting pricing. Some Vendors have specials running at certain times, and just because they gave you one price, does not mean another bride will get it too.
    Posted by BabyBlueNTexas[/QUOTE]

    Most of the prices I posted were packages right off the websites... Other than the cake I didnt really get any "special deals". I just gave them my budget  and # of people and they worked with me. I tried to negotiate with some vendors, but as soon as I started to questioning items and pricing they stopped returning my calls and emails. So I just went with who I felt gave me the best value. I can NOT believe how many vendors didnt email me the qoute after I asked for it in writting. Budget Bridal was the only one who answered emails or bothered to follow up. She earned my business on that as well as price. Jen's pricing is really affordable.
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    I'm having my reception at Hotel Contessa too!! I'm getting married in December this year.  I was just wondering.. how did you get your room comp'd??  I'm having a mariachi too.  I'm going through sturchio entertainment.  Kaz, who I've been in contact with there, is great.  Let me know if you need her email/number!
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    I would love their number.  Erin the events manager comp'ed the room. I booked a wedding package. So maybe that is how the room is  included.

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    I booked the wedding package too and have been working with Erin!  I'll have to email her about it. So you are having a candy bar? Sounds nice!  I wanted a s'more bar which I would have rented.  It would have come with the ingredients and only $2 per person.  However, the hotel said they would have to provide the ingredients instead of the outside vendor and would charge $13 pp!! I said, ummm, I don't think so! So we are doing a cake and cupcakes.  Anyways, here is Kaz's email.  She is great at responding in a prompt manner.  [email protected]

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    yeah I have a candy buffet. How many people are you having? I think you have to have 50 people for her to comp the room.
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    Also... the wedding package posted on Hotel Contessa website say comp'd room for 50 or more guests. So I would ask her about it.
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    Thanks!! I just emailed her.  I wasn't sure if the 50 guests is for guests staying at the hotel or 50 guests attending the reception. We are sending 100 invites but I am estimating about 70 people at the reception.  All of our guests will be from out of town.  Maybe she is waiting to be sure we have that many people. Just curious.... what fish dish did you decide on?  I wanted the halibut (it's on the holiday menu ..$52 but if you want it for your wedding package, it is $62 and depending on how many people come, we wanted the cheaper fish so I think we are going with the salmon).  FYI (just in case they didn't tell you), I had to ask, but they want to know a head count of how many people want what entree which means you might want to put it on your response card. 
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