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Reflections on our readings

primafaba15primafaba15 member
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Not sure if this is something particular to our priest, but I thought I would ask!

Our priest has asked that we each write a reflection for him on our chosen readings, to help him in composing the homily. I have never done anything like this before and I'm not sure through what lens I should be reflecting. Am I reflecting on the application of the readings to our relationship? Am I reflecting on the broader theological / marital implications of the readings? I probably should have asked for further clarification, but I was embarrassed to ask since FI seemed to think it was pretty straightforward (although he can't figure out how to explain it to me). He was raised Catholic and attended Catholic school his entire life and has apparently done this sort of thing many times before; I am relatively new to the church and definitely have not!  We are already far behind schedule on getting those reflections in, so I don't feel like I can go back to the priest at this point. 

I'm trying to muddle through, but I'd appreciate clarification from anyone who has experience with this sort of thing.... 

Re: Reflections on our readings

  • In my experience, priests do so many weddings, a lot of them have a template, if not even a standard homily they give, and they don't always have something to do with the particular readings read at mass.

    This priest might be trying to find out exactly why you chose those readings, and connect it to you so that its not generic.  Also,its always helpful to read the Sunday readings and reflect on them prior to mass, so I think its a neat exercise. 

    I'm sure he's aware of the theological stuff, so I'm betting he's wanting more of a personal take. 
  • HedgehogMama2016HedgehogMama2016 Alberta member
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    My FI and I have to do this as well- especially important to our priest since we live in a different Archdiocese than where we are actually getting married, so aren't doing marriage prep with him. I'm in a similar situation- I'm not Catholic, and FI is and grew up in the Church & Catholic school, but realistically, although we picked out the readings together, there's no way he's going to be writing any kind of reflection. 

    My impression is that he's interested much more in the personal side- he wants to know more about us, why we chose the readings we did, what they mean to us, and have the homily connect to us and our guests more. I also think it's somewhat of an exercise to help people take the readings more seriously, and put as much effort into planning a meaningful ceremony as we do into a beautiful reception celebration. 
  • The simple answer to your question is "yes" - write your own reflection/interpretation of the reading as you consider it to be (hit on all of the points you mentioned, the personal, your relationship with your FI, and your family(ies) if it applies).  It's an open book test without any right or wrong answers..  Of all the readings in the Bible - why these?!?!


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  • I know this is an old thread, but we did this for our wedding and the priest incorporated our reflections into his homily and we really loved it.



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