Milwaukee Wisconsin, low cost outdoorsy venues?

So i Met my fiance online 2.5 ysrs ago and he has always live in Wisconsin and i have always lived in Pennsylvania. Im trying to find a cheap out door venue for the reception and ceromony (with possible shelters for a fall wedding) and it is haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaard. The parks around here are not pretty, and the ones i view online in the woulds have beverage and noise rules that would severely limit a reception. I'm planing on having a max of 100 people (but could whittle it down easily to 75 or maybe less because i do not think certain people from pa would want to pay to come to wi) I like natural beauty but i'm just not seeing it in Wi :( unless i want to pay a ton for the botanical gardens.............

Re: Milwaukee Wisconsin, low cost outdoorsy venues?

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  • No disrespect intended however I must say are you nuts? I have lived in WI my entire life and even tho I dont like it here there are plenty of beautiful parks. what part of the state are you looking at? This info might help someone reading this to give you advice.
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    There is a retreat center to the north of Milwaukee near West Bend that you might consider checking out.  I was there for a training years ago and the site was SO beautiful and so much to do outdoors with the place to yourselves!!!  The training was in early fall if I remember right so got some of the color change.  The place is called Cedar Valley Lodge.  I'm not sure what the maximum capacity for events/lodging/receptions though, but I'm guessing you're in range. 
  • Cedar Valley is absolutely gorgeous.  I was there my senior year of high school for a retreat, and it holds a special place for me.

    In Milwaukee there is the Schlitz Audubon Center.  It was out of our price range considering our guest list, but it might be very doable for you.  There are some pricier options along the lakefront as well, which I find to be very scenic. 

    There are options outside of Milwaukee as well.  Lake Geneva, though a couple hours away, is very beautiful as well. 

    We may not be Pennsylvania, which is very pretty, but we have our style of beauty out here, which entails the woods and the prairie land that gave Frank Lloyd Wright much inspiration, as well as other artists.

  • Check out Milwaukee County Parks (http://county.milwaukee.gov/RoomampBuilding9021.htm?docid=9021), you might be able to find a shelter in a nice park.  I've heard good things about the South Shore Park Pavilian.  Also look into Frame Park in Waukesha (http://www.ci.waukesha.wi.us/web/guest/prrentnow). It has beautiful outdoor gardens and the Rotary Building looks pretty nice on the inside for a park building. 
  • In the Milwaukee area, Schlitz Audobon Nature Center in Milwaukee and South Shore Pavilion in Bayview would be my top choices if I were you!
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