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So FI and I are currently trying to pick a photographer. We were not quite prepared for the very (very) high cost. One thing we're wondering is if it's necessary to get an album from the photographer - they seem to cost around $800/900 and that would make a big difference. Has anyone or is anyone planning to make an album through another service or would it be a mistake to skip it? 


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  • I think it's up to you. I've seen services but haven't tried any that make photo books from your pictures but make sure your photographer gives you the rights to your photos so that you can make prints.

    For us my fiance was totally against paying so much for a photographer until he saw our photographer's photo books. It wasn't like he just slapped a few photos together on each page he does a lot of design work behinds the scenes and to us that made his price and getting the album through him worth it.

    Ask to see some examples of the photographers albums and decide if that is something you can/want to re-create and how much time it will take. 
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  • We used Picaboo for our engagement/guestbook and the price was very good to put it together ourselves.  When it comes to our photo album we decided that our photographer would create the ablum but we will then build our parents their albums using Picaboo again because the quality was very good.
  • I made my own and am very happy with the result.  I used Adoramapix and made the Hudson Album - which is a flush mount album, lay flat pages and leather cover.  I did use a discount code to get 40% off which was a huge saving.  ( i can't remember what it came to, but I think it still cost me around $300) 
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    I bought my outrageously expensive photographer albums. They are very high quality and absolutely gorgeous.  Then I made a shutterfly album, so I could have one album that includes our getting ready photos before photographer arrived (nails, hair, etc), pre-wedding festivities, honeymoon photos... basically an album that showed the whole wedding experience, not the just few hours the photographer was there.  And the shutterfly album is the one I take to show to people. It's the one I look at to reminisce.  The photographer albums are awesome, but the photographer wasn't there for everything that I connect with my wedding.  So, I would skip the photographer album and look at doing a good quality album later.  You can still get an expensive, high quality one made, instead of cheaper shutterfly type ones, if you want. But, make sure you get the digital rights to the photos.


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    I skipped getting an album.  I did get two discs of almost 1000 edited pictures.  I did make two parent albums myself from those pictures.  I don't miss not having a physical album, because if I ever wanted to see my pictures I can just insert the disc into my computer and look at them.

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