TINY Ceremony site in Dayton, Ohio

Hi there - 
I am from NC and planning to get married in Dayton, Ohio.  We are looking for a small chapel (that I don't need to be a member as I live out of state), warehouse, coffee shop, funky venue, really whatever, to hold our ceremony - we would like something small (30 people MAX) and will need to be indoors as we plan on getting married in January.  As I am not from the area and my fiance's parents are not in good enough health to help with the planning, any wisdom from the Ohio masses would be much appreciated!!

sidenote: I am not a huge "wedding person" so I'm not really looking for a fairy tale look and we are pretty flexible - so it gives lots of wiggle room!

Thanks guys!! :) 

Re: TINY Ceremony site in Dayton, Ohio

  • I'm getting married at the Queen of Apostles Chapel at Bergamo in Beavercreek, it's pretty small and on really beautiful grounds. It's Catholic though so you or your fiance would have to be Catholic to get married there. I also looked at the new chapel at Wright State University. It's really tiny and has a modern look with these cool floor to ceiling windows overlooking a forest. It's called the St. John Bosco chapel. Not sure if you need to be a member or Catholic for that one. Hope this helps! Good luck!
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