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Married 10/16/15 Reviews! (Flamingo, Bently Wilson, Langdon, Harmony etc)

I cannot believe it is all over! We had the most amazing time. All my vendors were amazing (except for a couple). I booked everything sight unseen thanks to the reviews on this forum. I cannot thank everyone enough, and encourage everyone to return the favor after their wedding. There were a few hiccups like a possible thunderstorm the day of my wedding, but it only sprinkled. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

Sun County Airlines ( A+) Amazing! I have never had a bad experience flying with this airline. I carried my dress on and they had an empty overhead bin in first class that I was able to lay it flat in.

Presidential Limos (B) I had arranged a party bus to pick up myself, husband, and the 12 friends that flew us.  Driver met us with a sign at baggage claim. We had 2 bottles of champagne on ice waiting for us. Since many of our friends had not been to Vegas we had a pit stop at the LV Sign before being dropped off at Flamingo Hotel. Service was good, but I when I received the final bill it was $60 over what I was initially quoted. I was not aware that time started as soon as our plane landed, and our plane landed early so I was charged for extra time.

Flamingo Hotel- (A)  I was soooooooo worried about the review I had read for this hotel with crappy elevators, crappy rooms, horrible service, and long check ins. I am a Platinum Total Rewards Member so I have a separate check in and was not so much worried about me and my husband. I had initially had a reservation for a Go Mini Suite with a Strip View. They did not have the room available and offered me a garden view, which I was not happy with. They ended up upgrading us to the Napoleon Suite with a garden view that has a separate living room, bed room, and 2 bathrooms. It was amazing! My guests had no wait for check in, but I was told that if there was, as a Platinum member I would have been able to check them in one at a time. Our room was not ready so we kept our bags in a friend’s Fab Deluxe room that I was pleasantly surprised with. None of my guests had issues with their rooms. Each of them paid $495 for RT flight and Fab Deluxe rooms from Tues-Sat. The location is the best! I did not find it smokey at all, and will stay here from now on when I come to Vegas. I love that it is not a huge hotel. I found it to be well kept. We had great service and staff were very friendly. Note: I did see super, super long check in lines during my stay and I did check a few people in at the Total Rewards check in. I do think becoming a Total Rewards member is the way to go. The pool was busy and we never found a chair, but we were in the water or sat on the ledge and did not find it to be a problem. The Go Pool has waterfalls and is big so never felt over crowded in the water. I could careless it closed at 6pm because we were ready to hit The Strip. They have an amazing pizza place with  brick fire oven and a food court. Yeah, it’s spendy but food was great at the pizza place and Johnny Rockets. We also ate at Carlos N Charlies for lunch with a big group and they don’t split tab, but everyone had cash so no biggy. We danced there a couple evenings.

Flamingo Garden Gazebo- (C+) Jazmin was my coordinator and was super responsive the entire 14 months I was planning my wedding. I used outside vendors for photography and videography and she only charged me $150 total for both when it is $150 for each outside vendor used. You do have to choose music from their list and they did not have my entrance song (Come with Me by Goo Goo Dolls) so I was charged $20 to add it. We did a walk through the day before to get an idea. It is by the pool and I could hear music that Jazmin said would be turned down. They do have speakers there to play the wedding music and my officiant did have a microphone, but I was still able to hear the bass of the music during my ceremony that was annoying.  They messed up my music in the beginning for guests seating and I noticed that I had some guests standing! I was like uhm.. I am not walking down that aisle until my guests have seats. Then she asked me if I had counted correctly, really? I do think the chapel is beautiful and my guests agreed.

Double Decker Bus- (D) We did drop off our beer ahead of time. It’s about a 20 min drive in a what looked sketchy area. It’s in a warehouse where there were tons workers and I felt uncomfortable leaving all my beer and money for ice unattended, but as they have been doing this for a while I assume they know the people who own the lot. They have 2 coolers that fit 55 cans a piece. When I got on the bus to leave my stuff I was hoping it was this particular bus as it looked run down, but it ended up being that bus. They were late, which wasn’t a huge deal. The people on the top had a great time, but there was no air conditioning and the people below had sucked in exhaust fumes.  One guest thought the ceiling would give way. I felt awful for my guests as it was an hr long ride with Strip traffic. You can’t pay hourly so we paid $445 for the 2 hours,  but used 1 hour. You could hook up music and there was a staff there to pass out our Koozies and beer. They really need to improve their buses.

The Orleans Star Dust Suite (A+)- We had our reception here and I worked with Pamela Eddy. She was amazing! Super responsive and accommodating. We planned to have our buffet in the Star Dust, but my dad had a fit and thought people needed to have a formal sit down to eat. It worked out perfectly! Pam set up a banquet room with tables for no extra charge, but we had to meet a $2500 beverage minimum that was not an issue. We had beer and wine served based on consumption. We had the traditional buffet and people raved about the food.  Of course I did not have much to eat, which is common. A microphone was set up for speeches. We had requested 80’s music play during dinner. It is a $3500 minimum for food and beverages. They had wine, beer, soda, water set out for help yourself and they also had waiters that came to each table to serve guests beverages. They were on point! I had guests go in 3 waves up to the Star Dust. The suite is freaking amazing! We paid for 3 hours of open bar and the bartender was great. I had initially not wanted shots or martinis served, but changed my mind that morning and emailed Pam to request guest have whatever they wanted. The suite fit 70 people no problem at all. We also had the Presidential Suite (also OMG!) attached but I only had it open for my cousins who had babies who were sleeping as music got loud with the dj. Total costs for 70 people, consumption beverages with dinner,  open bar for 3 hours, and dinner came to $6,984.88. We could have slept in the Presidential Suite if we wanted but decided not to and went back to Flamingo, but not before bowling with guests after reception at The Orleans. They had a shuttle every 30-40 mins that took guests back to Caesar Forum Shops, which is across the street from Flamingo.

DJ Godzilla- (A+) Calvin was super responsive from the beginning. We had him for 3 hours. We followed each other on Instagram so I felt like I knew him before I met him. He djs at Voo Doo Night club at Rio on Thurs nights and offered to get us on the guests list when we were out there. We did not make it out, which I am super bummed, BUT next time for sure. He has you provide him with a list of 20 must play and 20 do not play songs. As he is a nightclub dj he often mixes songs, and I loved that! I did have some guests requests slow songs at one point because he mainly played fast songs. My MIL had requested some oldies, and my dad likes to think he is a dj and even though I put all the songs he wanted on my list everything from TuPac, Lady Gaga (my dad calls her “The Gaga,”), Pink, and ACDC, my dad still went to Calvin to request other songs and Calvin was great about it.

Bently Wilson Photography (A)I do not have any photos back yet, but Todd was great to work with. We did a Strip Tour to Cosmopolitan, LV Sign, Hangover Lot, and Paris. I had him for 8 hours, and paid for an additional hour, but he stayed longer no charge. I see there have been some recent posts about questioning booking Todd. He gave direction well and I had some ideas. I am anxious to get the photos back. It was a lot of “look at one another, not the camera.” Something I always feel is awkward.  He knows his way around Vegas. He was very responsive and up for suggestions. I thoroughly enjoyed working with him.

Langdon Videography (A)  Kelly was also very responsive. It will be 2 weeks until I get the video and I cannot wait!! He stayed late at no charge and I booked for 8 hours.

Bell Trans (B)- I used the 24 Pax vehicle for 2 hour Strip Tour and to bring my guests back to airport. The vehicle was nice. Again, the price I was given was not what I was charged, it was more. We were ready and outside when he arrived for Strip Tour and I was watching that time like a hawk. Picking up my guests they were actually late. Calling to discuss this was useless and I was told we were late. It was at the end of the trip and I really didn’t feel like arguing.

Culinary Pros for DOC (C)- I worked with Lisa Wainscott. I had paid the deposit initially through Pay Pal and had requested 8 hours initially for $40 an hour. I only needed Lisa to help setup the reception with some decore ( I had 1 box shipped prior) and help guide guests to the banquet hall and the suite. Lisa texted me a week before the wedding to go over the list I emailed of what I needed assistance with. She was validating with some of the stress I was expressing, but then began to talk about her failed marriages and mentioned she would willing to come to my bachelorette party dinner “because she had nothing to do that night” and she would “not charge me.” I did not accept that invitation. The day of I asked her to bring bottle water to the ceremony and she did. I also needed her to bring my mom and her significant other’s carrying on bags to the reception site as they were leaving to airport from reception. She set up everything as I requested and things seemed to be fine. Near the end of the reception when I decided I did not need her help anymore she asked me to pay the remainder of the balance. I was thrown off guard because I did not have any cash on me and requested to be sent a Pay Pal invoice as that is how I paid before and I was not told prior payment was due at the end of her service. I had not cash and neither did my husband. This was taking up time and she called Suri her boss and Lisa said she needed the payment before she left. So my husband had to go to all the way to the casino floor to find an ATM. This took 30 mins and he missed saying good bye to guests. I was pissed! My bridesmaid also told me the next day she had an issue with Lisa when she was helping my mom try to get her luggage to go to airport. My bridesmaid went to Lisa to help (so to not bother me) and Lisa said their luggage was in her car. Lisa was apparently not wanting to get it at the moment, but since their plane was leaving Jenny said fine and she would go get it. There was a bit of a verbal argument and Lisa did eventually go get it. I was sent an email asking how her service was and if I would have known I would not have tipped what I did. I did express my frustration regarding the payment issue and I was told that is how it is handled. They were not sympathetic at all.

Rev Roland as Elvis (A+)-  This was a super last minute addition to surprise my guests at the reception. I had him for about 45 mins to an hour. He showed up and sang a few songs. Took pictures with my guests and also remarried us! My guests loved it! I recommend him  for sure!

Harmony Medina (A+) She was amazing! She was responsive and I had a trial 2 days before my  wedding, which worked out perfectly as I was all done up for our bach parties. She was on time. I had reg. makeup, no airbrush. She did exactly what I wanted. Once my bridesmaid saw my makeup she added it for the day of as she was only scheduled for hair. She brought another stylist day of and myself, 3 bridemaids, and MIL were all super impressed. We looked fabulous! She even covered up bruises day of my wedding I had gotten night of bach party.

Pink Taco/PBR Rockhouse (A) We had joint bach parties, but separate dinners. Both places had great food and service. My husband rode the bull at PBR.

High Roller (A) We met up at High Roller. I had prepaid for 24 people. Check in was easy peazy. Guests loved it and we went at night.

Elite Transportation (A­) We rented a Mega Bus to transport us for the bach party night. Our driver was Billy and we spoke way in advanced regarding what he was able to do with comps to the strip club. He was nice and responsive. Bus was kick ass.

Hofbrahaus (A) This is my husband’s and I favorite spot. It is the replica of the one in Germany. We all got steins of beer and huge ass pretzels.  The guy that is usually on stage singing German songs and holding drinkin competitions was not there, and I was super bummed. They had a 3 guy band that played newer songs and traditional German songs. We had Apple Core shots that comes with a slap on the ass with a wooden paddle from the waitress. I still have a welt.  While we were there Billy got us booze for the bus and brought me a receipt. Our guests had a great time and we will continue to come here every visit to Vegas.

Olympic Gardens (B) So Billy had said guys could be comped in and the ladies had to pay $35 to see the male strippers, which were all were aware head of time. Well, when we got there Billy’s guys no longer worked there and they wanted us all to pay $35 and were dicks about it. I said “F- that” and we were going to leave, but then Billy offered to help pay with his tip as he felt bad. Girls were given 2 free drink tickets. The dancers were fun to watch. They aren’t nude. I had a lap dance in my seat from Ramone who was funny and I didn’t feel uncomfortable at all. The guys apparently sat at the bar while where and talked politics lol. None got a lap dance and they did even watch the dancers. We were there for about an hour.

Wicked Spoon (A+) My in laws hosted a parents dinner here and it was freaking fantastic!


Re: Married 10/16/15 Reviews! (Flamingo, Bently Wilson, Langdon, Harmony etc)

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