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Nevada-Las Vegas

Save The Date/Wedding Websites etc. - Newbie! :)

Hi everyone,  after considering a Vegas wedding for so long now (we are from Australia) we have finally decided to go ahead with it for next September!!  Yayyyy!!  I have a couple of questions on the initial part though!

As we're travelling from Australia I am thinking we should send the Save The Date's now to give people ample time to plan/save/book holidays etc. if they want to come.  We haven't entirely decided on venues etc. yet though so how much information do we put on the Save The Date's and should we already have a wedding website up & running so we can send these details so people can keep up to date with information on the way?  A little confused how to do it!

Also i'm finding it very strange to send Save The Date's for this and wondering if any other long distance brides have!   I have a couple of family members (god parents) in other parts of the US that if I was getting married in Australia I wouldn't even invite them to because of the huge distance, but as it is in the US I feel I should invite them (and would want them there if they could!) but also don't want them to feel like i'm expecting them to travel all the way to Vegas for my wedding.  If that makes sense to anyone?  Same for some friends here - there is some friends that if I was getting married at home I absolutely would be inviting them to the wedding, but some of them I know there is only a very small chance they would be able to afford to go so don't want to offend them by making them possibly think i'm expecting them to go.

I'm probably thinking to much into this but wondering if anyone else has had this issue getting married so far from home!

Re: Save The Date/Wedding Websites etc. - Newbie! :)

  • We're split-coastal families, and I plan on sending the STD's out with just the wedding URL as soon as we're booked. I plan on uploading the web site with tips, tricks, stories, things to see, etc. throughout and having all RSVP's through there.

    You're doing an overseas wedding (for most of your guests). As much notice as possible is greatly appreciated. 6 weeks (standard wedding rules) DO NOT APPLY when you're dealing with destination, especially not overseas. Very few people have the $2000 in their bank accounts just sitting there to cover your flights alone, much less hotel, food, and entertainment, for a wedding that wasn't warned.

    We're having wedding and reception there, but I would recommend doing an at home get together reception in celebration (like a backyard barbecue or something) for those who won't / can't attend. That way they can still celebrate. :)
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    We got engaged in February, sent out the save the date wesbite in March (no actual invitations yet). We sent out the REAL invites and set up a website in May, and then got married in October.

    We didn't have ALL the details hammered out yet, so for the invitation we put "join us for an afternoon ceremony". Then we told people to go to the website for the most up-to-date info.

    Here's the website if you want to take a peak: http://www.rachel-tom.com

    If there's people you want at your wedding, even if you don't think they will make it, I'd invite them. Since we had a destination wedding there were people we wanted but didn't think would come out but they surprised us. I never obligated anyone to go though, and I made sure to give people plenty outs. You can also talk it over with them first BEFORE you invite them. I think as long as you don't make them feel excluded they will feel happy :)
  • We went on a scouting trip in September, and are about to sign the contract on our location this month.  We're hoping to send Save the Dates by Christmas, for our October wedding.  We've only got a guest list of around 40 (and our venue tops out at 40!) so we're hoping with ample notice we'll get around 30-35 to make it out.  Our plan is to include the date and city/state on the STD, and then include the website for all other details.  I figure most of our group will know many of the details in advance anyways, but some details are likely to change as we go along.  We'll probably do invites about 3-4 months out, so that people can get decent rates on hotels.
  • Definitely nothing wrong with sending STD's as early as you can if you're fully committed to a given destination.  Leaving the venue off is fine, but I advice putting together a wedding website before sending them and including it on the STD so people have a way to get updates easily.

    Even though most of our friends and family are in Florida with us, we still sent STD's nearly a year out because it was destination and we know some of our friends don't understand the concept of saving, so they'd need notice to set aside money to attend if they wanted to.  Fortunately, giving all that notice resulted in a very high attendance percentage, so we were glad we did.

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  • Thanks everyone, feel slot better about things now! Going to work on getting a website up (here's the hard bit for me knowing what to include too lol) with basic info to send save the dates. Thanks for your advice (and adverb I LOVE your dolphin proposal!!
  • We are getting married in July next year and sending save the dates next week. Want to make sure they don't get lost in the holiday mail and give people enough time for making flight arrangements. Southwest opens up 6 months before for flights, so wanted to make sure they knew before then.
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