Tower Ridge Country Club, Simsbury

edited October 2015 in Connecticut
Has anyone had their wedding at Tower Ridge Country Club ... or attended a wedding there?  Anything you could tell me would be great. 

Re: Tower Ridge Country Club, Simsbury

  • I was just a bridesmaid in a wedding there. I thought Tower Ridge did a great job! It was very pretty for an October wedding and the food was good. There was some confusion on when the different tables were supposed go to the buffet line, but it wasn't a big deal. Their bridal suite is HUGE!! And they made sure that the bridal party had our own cocktail hour while we were out taking pictures and while waiting in the bridal suite for the bride and groom before being announced. It was a bit hard to hear the speeches at the tables in the back of the venue (but that might have been a DJ issue). Overall, it was a good experience and Tower Ridge's coordinator helped the day run smoothly.
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