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Help me with my flower estimate......

Happy Monday fellow Knotties!

Can someone please tell me if this estimate is "normal/average" for wedding flowers? I have reached out to three florists and have received my first estimate. I will not be needing reception flowers as my venue provides floral centerpieces in their package. I will need 1 bridal bouquet, 7 bridesmaids bouquets, 1 groom bout, 7 groomsmen bout, 2 usher bout, 2 dad bout, 2 mom corsages and possibly some additional arrangements (2-4) for the card/guest book table. Our budget is $1300 and our wedding is in the Chicagoland area (Western suburbs)

Bride bouquet: $125

BM bouquet: $85.00

Corsage: $22.00

Bout: $10.00

Additional arrangement: $45.00

Thanks for any input!

Re: Help me with my flower estimate......

  • missa011missa011 member
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    I'm outside of NYC, so I'd imagine somewhat similar pricing. This looks pretty standard IME...I'm paying $190 for my bridal bouquet and $75 for BM bouquets. Looks like you still have plenty of wiggle room in to keep in your budget, so if you need to add extras that's possible. If you do want to go lower than this, ask the florist what flowers are seasonal and local, that always costs less than something that has to be imported. Orchids are notoriously high, just something to keep in mind if you love that flower.

    Personally I know nothing about flowers (what's the opposite of a green thumb? I have that.) So I told my florist what colors and "feel" I wanted, with my budget, and let her take the reigns, and I'm so happy with my flowers. Shop around and find someone you feel really comfortable with. A good florist can make any budget gorgeous.

  • Thank you @missa011, I think the florists prices are fair, I just wanted to double check.

    I also know nothing about flowers....my response to what I want is "something nice"

    Hopefully the other florists I reached out send me their quote and I can start making appointments to meet in person.  With six months to go and the holidays approaching, I want to finish as many things as possible.

  • That's totally fair. It's a good idea to meet with florists and make your decisions now, good point about the holidays! We didn't decide 100% on flowers till last weekend for my early November wedding, though, so you will have some time. Good luck!
  • MesmrEweMesmrEwe member
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    I think those numbers look fair depending on what you're getting for blooms.  Using FTD as a "guidepost" that's right along the lines of what their rates are.  Remember, if you give them $1300 to work with, they're going to find a way to conform the flowers to that budget, so don't be expecting them to come in much under the amount you tell them you want to spend and then get sticker shock.  If you don't want to spend that much, then give the florists a number you're actually comfortable with. 

    IMO, meet with the florists instead of "sending out feelers" because they have no idea what your "something nice" idea is nor you theirs.

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  • Agree with the poster above that said a lot depends on the types of flowers that go into the bouquet. Going with what is in season and what is more local helps a lot.

    I used Whole Foods flower department and paid about a third of what I would have paid at a florist. Our flowers looked great. My sister did the same and lives in another part of the country. 
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