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ring upgrade- round or pear

i have not been on this board for over 10 years! but for our anniversary we are upgrading my diamond. I am torn between shapes. Currently have a .80 round solitaire in platinum setting. Was going to up it to 1.5. but now debating on shape- round or pear? Will one look bigger over the other? will one sparkle more (considering both will be the same CCCC) I am not much of a jewelry person at ALL. Except my ring- I just love a nice wedding set!! 

 the band is a 7-stone semi-eternity

Re: ring upgrade- round or pear

  • I suggest going to a jeweler and trying on different sizes and shapes to see what you like best.
  • i will for sure!! 
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    I think this is a personal preference. I don't care for round OR pear shapes.
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  • A pear will look bigger, simply how they are cut (shallower). A pear will also generally have different sparkles - some small pinpoints and some larger flashes. Pears are also very susceptible to a bow tie, which is off putting to many people shopping for this shape. Pears (and other fancy shapes) will also show colour more in the tip. So if you are going with a lower colour, it might not show up in an MRB but will more likely show in the pear.

    Overall, a MRB is much safer. Easy to buy going off numbers, readily available. There are also different cuts within a round shape - perhaps you might like an OEC (old european cut) or a transitional cut. Personally, I don't like the regular MRB (modern round brillian), but I do like the other cuts available, either antique or newly cut to look antique.

    You can absolutely find a nice, well cut pear but it will take more work than an MRB.

  • Congratulations on your anniversary!! I am in the process of planning my second wedding and when we went ring shopping I always thought I was going to pick an emerald cut....I tried many rings on and settled on a pear cut!! The stone is 2.1 carats and has baguettes on on each side and several stones going half way down on either side. I agree with an earlier post ....try many on! I knew right away when I tried mine on...it was "the one!". Good luck!
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    I say trying different ones on.

    I hated pear shapes.  then my MIL offered her pear shaped diamond.  I custom made a setting and now I can't imagine having anything else.

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  • Very helpful!!! thanks so much for all the info!
  • Distinguishing between pear and round sahped diamond won't really justify the essence of your dilemma. I'd suggest you to go for the one that looks good on you. Try both of them and you'll know!

    Keep it stylish!
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