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So am I the only cliche who wanted this date???  I am having trouble with indoor/outdoor decisions.

does anyone have flower suggestions for whats in season?

Re: 11.11.16

  • I'm 11.5.16! I'm going for roses... I've heard they're easy to get in all seasons. I'm doing indoor with some outdoor options just i case!
  • We are 11/11/16 also! Just made it official this morning! What is the cliche behind it? We just picked it because November is a more affordable month at the venue we wanted and we were planning on a Friday so that date worked best for us.


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  • I would really like an outdoor ceremony and then our reception will be indoor. I am in Massachusetts though so it could be 65 degrees the day of our wedding or it could be 30. Luckily, I have until the day of to decide if we want an outdoor or indoor ceremony so I am going to wait until that morning and see what the weather is like.


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  • I am 11/5/16--we are getting married at Hamilton Farms Golf Club. Ceremony outside, cocktail hour in the estate and tented reception on the lawn. 
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    11/1/2016.  Bear Mountain, New York here.... So, like Lindsey, I wait on the day of to see if it's in or out.  I'm actually not even worried about flowers though.  Just the bouqet's to hold during the ceremony...maybe an arrangement at the master table?  Haven't even thought that far ahead.

  • I'm 11/5/16 as well. Have you thought about mums? I know they're not a typical wedding flower, but I think they are pretty and they come in a variety of colors. I live in TX so we're planning on outside, but can decide that day if it's too cold or rainy to move it inside. Our colors are plum and shades of fall oranges. I think I will be using quite a few mums since they bloom in fall.
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  • I'm getting married 11/12/16. We picked November because it is so hot where we live in Arizona. We wear shorts on Thanksgiving. I've been having trouble picking flowers also, so I'll be following on here haha. Good luck to you all in planning.
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  • I'm November 12! In New Canaan, Connecticut. We had to have a Saturday wedding and the November was the only month the venue (a mansion) had available. The reception could be outside or inside but I assumed it was going to be really cold in November so it would have to be inside. I'm afraid for the pics that it will be pouring rain! Pleasantly surprised that @CharmedPam and @lindsey61811 also from northeast and are thinking of an outside reception!! Hope next years November will be mild and sunny!!!
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