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I am getting married in May and my colors are mint and lavender. Only problem is, mint shoes for men are really hard to find. Was thinking maybe using a dye to color the shoes or maybe even changing up the attire to accommodate the issue. I really don't mind changing the attire around a tad but I just don't want my colors to be changed completely. Guys were going to wear mint shoes and khaki pants, white shirt and mint bow tie. Any ideas???

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    Don't make the GM wear mint shoes.  If you dye them yourself and it ends up being a rainy day or even lots of dew on the ground, they will turn your GMs feet green.  My suggestion would be to have them wear brown shoes and mint green socks. 

    If you are specifying which pair of shoes the GM must wear than you must purchase them for the GM.  You should also provide them with the mint socks.  If you don't want them to purchase the shoes for the GM, then just give them free reign on the shoes, by asking that they wear any  brown dress shoe.  Here is a picture for inspiration.  I would also add that you micromangage down to the shoe color and style of the GM, you will drive yourself crazy!

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