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So, I have lived abroad in the Middle East for the past 2 years, and will up until my wedding. I was thinking of getting my BM's who wear jewelry sterling silver bracelets with their name in Arabic (see pic below). The other parts of the gift would be a cashmere scarf, jasmine perfume, and maybe a glass mosaic tea light. I think the bracelets are really understated and pretty, but of course, I have a personal attachment to this part of the world. Would you like or wear this? Or would it mean nothing to you? 

Re: BM gift question

  • Agree with PP. You said your bms wear sterling silver jewelry but other parts of the gift are also very personal. For instance I can't stand the texture of cashmere on my skin, I like my own scent and while a single mosaic tealight match the decor in your house, that would like really odd in my home no matter how beautiful it is.

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    I never wear bracelets, so this wouldn't be something I'd ever use.
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    I wouldn't wear the bracelet because I don't wear jewelry (besides my rings).  I wouldn't use the perfume because I am not a fan of Jasmine.  The mosaic tea light thing would probably end up in a cupboard somewhere because I don't use candles.  I would love the scarf.

    Look I get you have a connection to the Mid East because that is where you have lived, but these gifts shouldn't be about your connection to a location but rather focused on each girl.  Buy for them like you would for Christmas or their birthday.  You know, buy them things that they like or have something to do with hobbies they have.

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  • You know your friends better than we do. Do they all like name bracelets, silver, tea lights, Jasmine perfume, and scarves?
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  • Nice in theory, needs work on execution. Doesn't matter if I like it, would they?

    I don't wear bracelets. Ever. I have loads of rings, necklaces, and earrings though. While i would appreciate the thought, it's wasted money on me. If did wear bracelets, the one you picked is nice, but not my style. I don't wear nameplate jewelry and would feel even weirder about it if I am appropriating someone else's culture that is not mine in the process. But that's me. Do they wear bracelets in that style?

    As for the rest of the item, I wear scarves for warmth in the winter, not a fashion accessory indoors so it depends on the type of scarf. I have lots of candle stuff, so if yours goes with my decor and is nicer than an existing one, I might replace mine, but otherwise hate knick knacks. And I love perfume, but am super picky and jasmine in particular is a polarizing note where I like some versions, but many times find it too perfumey in an overwhelming headache inducing kind of way (I prefer spicy, woodsier notes over floral).

    So, yeah. If you are thinking about these women individually and know that if they were visiting you they would be picking out all of these items for themselves as souvenirs, have at it. If you aren't sure, I'd go back to the drawing board and make sure you are truly thinking about each as individuals and not as your bridesmaids collectively.
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  • I can't wear a lot of jewelry, my skin is SUPER sensitive, and most perfumes I am allergic to so it would make me sneeze and not be able to breathe.. the scarf would be nice, but I am not a fan of cashmere either. most of these things people are surprised to learn about me, I am not sure my friends would know that I can not use 90% of the perfumes out there. H family still has not figured out that I can not breathe in a house with air fresheners in them..

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    It would be fine to bring your bms gifts from the middle east, as long as you shop for each bm individually. Don't try to make gift bags of matching gifts. I'd skip the perfume, since many people are scent sensitive. 

    @lnixon8 - finally,someone who shares my hatred of cashmere. The softest cashmere feels like sandpaper to me.
  • I love the bracelets and think it's fine to give them to all your bridesmaids, but instead of having everything else match too get them individualized gifts to suit their own interests. Not bracelet/scarf/perfume/tea light for everyone.
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