Help on wedding venue

Hi All!

We are getting ready to book at our venue (don't want to name drop them yet) and these 2 ladies literally dropped off the face of the Earth! We are at the point where we are going to give them thousands of dollars for a deposit, but they just went MIA.

Has anyone been in this situation? I don't want to go crazy on them, but I'm dropping A LOT of cash so I deserve to, at least, to have my emails and calls responded back to. Ugh!

Re: Help on wedding venue

  • I would not book a wedding if you have this situation trying to give them money....there are plenty of venues out there that care
  • I had a couple of non responsive venue vendors as well...I just moved on and ended up with the place we loved instead!
  • can you give us the name of the venue so other brides dont end up in this situation if you dont feel comfortable maybe you could give out some hints like its a very popular venue in this part of the state etc 
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