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My S.O. & I were originally going to make our own playlist for our 3-hour cocktail reception but now that we're just over 30 days out, there's a large part of me that just doesn't want the hassle of building a playlist. :)

Problem is most DJs I've contacted offer these extensive packages that we just don't need. I need someone for 3 hours, with a small DJ stand (space is an issue), who can play music. No introductions, no first dances or anything like that. 

1) Anyone come to mind?
2) Anyone have luck posting an ad on craigslist? I wouldn't mind having a college student so long as he/she were reliable and has done something similar in the past.

Re: DJ

  • Could be a problem looking for someone professional so close to the wedding date.

    Yes, I've had success on Craigslist looking for a yard clean up and stuff., could work.
    Our DJ was very helpful and accommodating you can try him but he books up really fast and might not be available., but he may be able to point you in the right direction as well, Rick's a sweetheart.
    Here's his email  [email protected] and his website is bellairemusic.com
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