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I need some opinions on best fabric for table runners for those of you with experience in that. The look I am going for is pictured below. In your opinion would it be best to use chiffon, organza, and what is light pink chiffon tricot/will it achieve the look below? And yes I got the picture off of pinterest.


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  • This looks like Organza...  The kicker is going to be the cost if you're doing more than a few tables...
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  • True it would be expensive to do. Does anyone have any suggestions for cheaper options of table runners that are still as pretty? I'll have 24 tables so I feel that'll be running into a lot of money, still want it to look good though. What are some options yall have used?
  • Do this for your main "reserved" tables (Head table, parents table, SO table), then skip it for the rest or use juts a single smaller cut of the same fabric as a runner or centerpiece square which will cut down your cost per table considerably...)..  Think of it like using tall and short centerpieces to save on costs.  As long as you're consistent, it's going to look great together.  Don't sweat the small details, make sure the big ones are taken care of. 

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  • Just a word of caution to people looking to DIY their own table runners it is a lot more expensive and a lot more work then it looks. I decided to make satin table runners and thought all that was involved was cutting the satin and making a hem all around the edge. Boy was I wrong. I had to buy this iron on stuff for the the back of the satin because it was too difficult to work with, then it was still to slippery so I had to get a backing for them. All added up it was about 4x the amount I would have spent just buying them and a lot of work. (Thank god my aunt a a master seamstress stepped in and helped me, I was lost!) Now that they are done they are beautiful and a lot higher quality than they would have been but had I known from the beginning I would have just bought them done. 

    These are obviously different and probably don't need the backing and such, but as PP point out the fabric is more expensive. Honestly I would recommend trying to buy/rent something you like that is already done or do like MesmrEwe suggests and just do it for the head table and have the others just tie in a bit of the fabric to the centerpieces.
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  • go to  they have great sales.  organza is cheapest unless you want to do tulle, but that can be difficult to work with as it does not have the flowing texture that organza has. Chiffon tricot is a polyester fabric which drapes nicely, but may be a bit expensive.

     Also, you need two runners per table in organza to achieve the look in the photo and it looks nice with the tied ribbon.  So if you have 10 tables, you will need 20 plus the cost of the ribbon.  However, you can get the organiza runners for about $1.00 each from CV Linens.  Buy "grosgrain" ribbon (it does not have to be think) 7/8" will do at any discount store or Michael's.
  • I found mine on Amazon for about $1 a piece, they're not going to be the most amazeballs runners ever, but for 4 hours... they'll do the trick.

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