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Nevada-Las Vegas

Can't decide what to do - Help pls!

Hi ladies

Just wondering if anyone could help me? Just in the process of getting things booked now for our wedding on 30th March.

We are going for chapel of the flowers gazebo at 8pm (on a Wednesday night). That's about all I've fully decided on so far!!!! (If anyone has done this id love to hear your opinions!).

I don't want to use the chapel's photographers as i'd like pictures on the strip rather than posed ones. Saw a 2 hour strip photography tour on Viator which seems ideal for us. Thinking of booking that for 10.30pm but it's the bit in between ceremony and then that I'm unsure what to do for!

I was thinking instead of a meal afterwards (and worrying about time), maybe having a late lunch at Eiffel Tower before wedding and just going to a nice lounge for champagne and maybe some appetisers to keep us going in between ceremony and strip tour. Do you think this would work?

Considering somewhere like chandelier at Cosmo or mandarin lounge however I'm open to options (must add this will be our first trip to Vegas so everything is based on what we've seen online!)

We are staying at MGM grand so was thinking possibly get dropped back there at 12.30am and go to Wolfgang pucks if we are hungry, and maybe onto a bar within the hotel if we aren't too wiped out!

Any comments/help/advice would be appreciated xx

Re: Can't decide what to do - Help pls!

  • How many guests are you anticipating? My advice would vary if it's just you and future husband versus trying to get a group moving in the same direction.

    Do you know where the photography tour typically picks up/drops off?

  • Sorry I realised afterwards that I'd left that vital info out!! It's just the 2 of us eloping :) hence why I'm considering not having a sit down meal afterwards.
    The photo tour will pick us up at any strip hotel and drop us back there. It's basically us and a photographer and chauffeur for 2 hours stopping at various locations on the strip!
  • Well, I'd check the hours of wherever you are thinking for dinner. On a Wednesday night, I'm not sure everywhere you have in mind will be open until 1am or later for dinner.  However, if the ceremony is at 8, I'd still think you're better off not planning dinner between the ceremony and the 10:30 photo tour. Though, you might consider moving the photo tour up a bit, so as to have a smaller gap. 

    Keep in mind, Chapel of Flowers is pretty far from MGM, and traffic on the strip tends to move slowly.  Vegas distances can be very deceiving!

    If you're thinking champagne - Fizz at Caesar's is swanky, and unlikely to be busy, which may make it more romantic.  Chandelier Bar is gorgeous, but a little further from Chapel of Flowers. 

    You may also want to keep in mind that a lot of the hotels won't permit indoor photography unless you've arranged it through the hotel. 

  • I think I've made my mind up now and am going to scrap dinner plans..... Will have late lunch before the wedding and then drinks in between wedding and photos. The photo tour times are every 2 hours and 8.30 would be a no go time wise so 10.30 would be the only option. It's all outdoors so no problems with taking pictures. I will have a look at fizz now, not looked at that yet :)
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