Shuttle for Hotel Guests- NEED HELP

I am helping the bride find a shuttle for her hotel guests to get them to the venue and back to the hotel after wedding and need some help!  The hotel is Courtyard Marriott in Willow Grove and they do not offer a shuttle.  The venue is Carinwood estate which is only about 15 mins away.  I have called some local shuttle companies in the area but have gotten quotes mostly in the $500 range and really all we need is one or two trips each way depending on the size of the transportation.  There will be about 10-20 guests that need a ride to the venue and then about 30-40 that need a ride back to the hotel.  Anyone have any suggestions on who to call and that would be cheaper than the $500 quotes we have gotten so far.  The bride is open to using a school bus but we dont know any companies to call.  THANKS!

Re: Shuttle for Hotel Guests- NEED HELP

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