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Beach reception - Long Beach, NY

We are looking to rent a house, venue, area for a casual reception on the beach - think clam bake! We are looking for a date in August 2016 or anytime that summer. Any thoughts, ideas, etc. are welcome regarding someone who can help us find such a venue or how to do it on our own.

Thanks in advance.

Re: Beach reception - Long Beach, NY

  • The houses that you would be able to rent are generally bungalows with small/non-existent backyards, so I think that would not be a good idea unless your wedding is like really small...

    The venues that are in/near LB are The Allegria & The Sands.

    Note I think you will need some kind of permit to have a wedding on the beach. I know my cousin did a few years ago & she needed a permit. It was a very nice affair though.

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