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How far in advance...

...should I contact the hotel we're staying at to see if they can upgrade us? We had a vacation planned before we decided to get married while we're there, so it's not something I could have even mentioned when we booked our trip. Also, we didn't book through the hotel directly initially, so I'm not sure if they'll be able to even do anything?

Re: How far in advance...

  • Hotels are typically not very good about upgrades if you booked through a third party because they'll be making less than normal.  However, front desk people will often try to help, so that may be your more likely scenario.  It doesn't hurt to try and call to check it out though.

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  • We land in Las Vegas at 8:30p and then we have to go straight to the courthouse to get our license for the following day. I already have to call them to make sure they give us the upgrade we paid for eventhough we won't get there until late. I guess it doesn't hurt to ask...
  • the $20 trick usually works pretty well in Vegas regardless of what/how you booked
  • Yeah, but I need to do it in advance. We're there the week of New Year's and I'm pretty sure they'll be booked or close to it.
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