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Need a Photographer, Any recommendations?

I thought I had found the photographer of my dreams. We had plans to do our engagement photos in November and once the time came around for that he was nowhere to be found. Well, I know he didn't disappear, he read my fb msgs and ignored my emails and IG posts. Luckily we had not signed our contract and I had been emailing him, texting him with questions about the contract months before our first shoot and never got a response. So now I'm in the market for a photographer, went to a bridal show and the photogs there just weren't my taste or way too expensive. Our budget for photography is around 2,500 and I cannot find a decent, artistic photographer in the DFW area thats around this price point. Any recommendations?

kinda the style of what I'm looking for: 
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Re: Need a Photographer, Any recommendations?

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