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February 2016 Weddings

99 days!!! Officially in double digits!!!

It is official, 99 days until I am a Mrs!!!! I can not believe how fast it has gone!!!  Where is everyone else at with the planning???

Re: 99 days!!! Officially in double digits!!!

  • :) YAY!!!

    Today marks 100 and counting!!! It's FH's and my 2nd marriage. So the emotional rollercoaster goes crazy some days. We are a bit off on where the "calendar says" we should be, however, all is coming together.

    The venue we chose is "All Inclusive" (ceremony and reception) and we just ordered our Invitations. Had my first "fitting" for my dress 11-16. We meet with the venue to officially plan out how our Wedding Day will flow on 11-27.

    Very excited for you both!!!!!

    side note where did you get your countdown "tag" at the bottom of your post?

    I want one!

    Wedding Countdown Ticker
  • Yayy @best4last , sounds like you're right on track!  You're getting married the day after us!!  We had our planning meeting with our venue last week to go over final menu, cake design, day of timeline, ect.  I am going to start dress fittings next month :) We're going to buy our wedding bands next week, so that should be fun!! I feel like the next 99 days are going to be over in the blink of an eye!

    The countdown ticker took some time to get haha, if you search in the discussion bar for wedding countdown ticker, there is a discussion that explains how to do it.  I had to follow the directions and i honestly forget now lol :) 
  • @Jcocco the days will fly! We are (...gulp..) 2 weeks away from Thanksgiving TODAY! If we blink, it's going to be January!

    The one thing I am forcing myself to do is slow down, and enjoy this. I want it to be as relaxed and fun as possible. My bouts of "panic/anxiety/euphoria/butterflies" have almost pushed me to the brink on more than one occasion. I've had folks ask me "you must be getting so excited!!" I know they mean well, however, it causes me to freak out a little. Sooo, "Breathe and embrace" is my new mantra.

    Thanks for the tip, I'm going to see what I can do to figure out the ticker.

    Wedding Countdown Ticker
  • I love your advice @best4last !!  I just had my shower last weekend and it was very overwhelming!!  Everytime someone reminds me of how close it is I get a little anxious haha....I too want to enjoy every moment because this is an amazing time!!!  
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