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2016 weddings

Anyone else getting ready for their 2016 wedding?

I need a place to talk about it with others planning too :)

Re: 2016 weddings

  • Yep. I just got engaged March 9 and am getting married May 7, 2016. 

    The only thing i have done so far is book the venue :)
  • Congratulations!
    Wow! you booked your venue already? Awesome :)
    I found something I really like but we're going to look at other options just in case.
  • I am planning an early 2016 wedding! We have planned for late summer 2015 originally, however, we are paying for it.. and I NEED a little more time! Lol!!
  • Time is hopefully what we have enough of to research more. It doesn't seem like its sunk in for the FH yet.
  • If you are going 2016 be mindful of the RNC when booking a venue!
    Congrats :) My wedding is January 2015, and I cannot believe how fast time has gone by already!
  • What is RNC?
  • mlg78mlg78 member
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    Have you turned on the news this week?  RNC = Republican National Convention :)

  • Oooh yeah. Looks like these are the potential dates- Cleveland, Ohio June 27-30 or July 18-21, 2016

  • Planning a late may or early june wedding in 2016 :)  Looking for venues still...not sure if it'll be in Cleveland area or near Sandusky?  The dream is ceremony under a willow tree and reception outdoors underneath a tent but that might be a pipe dream :)
  • im planning a August 2016. wanted September 2015 but my cousin is getting married august 2015. so 2016 it is. 
  • becky22002becky22002 member
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  • June 11, 2016. We've booked our venue already. I know that sounds bizarre, but they only had one or two other dates available between May-June 2016.

    We live in Mentor, but most of our family resides in Ashtabula County. We are getting married in Perry, OH.
  • When considering a date for 2016 do take the republician national convention into account. I've heard that many Limo companies are already booked for that as are all the hotel rooms in at least the downtown area.
  • I'm having my wedding October 1st, 2016. I've booked my ceremony, reception, photographer, and caterer. If you book early a lot of places will give you the 2015 prices! :) If the church is important to you I would book that first because they book very quickly!! 
  • msakkmsakk member
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    I'm getting married April 23, 2016.  Everything is booked and we are now trying to figure out bridal shower stuff (mom is an OCD planner just like me).  I am really struggling with a shower location that won't cost an arm and a leg... any suggestions?? :0)
  • @msakk, how many people are you looking to have for your bridal shower & is there a certain area of cleveland you are look for?


  • My mother in law kept trying to talk my aunt (who's throwing my shower) into booking my shower at an actual resturant or other venues for a lunch but everything was so pricey! My aunt decided on doing it at the party center of her housing complex. Nice big room for them to decorate and she decided to use some extra money on a good caterer!  Good luck finding something!!


    And good luck 2016 brides!! Time flys by quickly! I'm getting married Sept 2015 and I can't believe I only have 6 months left!

  • Planning a 2016 wedding too. Got engaged March 24th and we have the ceremony and reception venues already booked for Sept 10, 2016. 

  • lrs2016lrs2016 member
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  • Does anyone have suggestions on photographers? Looking for a package that won't completley blow my budget. (Trying to stay around 1500-2000)
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