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DIY Paper Flower Wall

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Hello Ladies 
My Fiance and I like the idea of having a non-traditional arch as the alter. We are getting married in a ballroom of a hotel that was curated by the state art museum. We would love to incorporate art into our wedding and have decided to do a large paper flower wall. Has anyone done this? Do you have recommendations? The only restriction from the venue is that it cannot be attached to the wall, unless completed by a licensed vendor - so this wall will have to be free standing.

I have found tutorials for the flowers, but I don't know about the actual construction of the wall.


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Re: DIY Paper Flower Wall

  • Are you looking to do hanging paper flowers that are strung together? Do you have any pictures that can give us an idea of what you're trying to make? 
  • Breaking down the idea without breaking the bank...

    1) use a wire clothes rack as your holder with zip ties attached to your backing material to hold it in place.

    2) Purchase a tall canvas or piece of 1/4" MDO painted white as the packing to hold the flowers in the desired size. 

    3) The flowers themselves are just paper flower art on a large scale with the center being a small globe held on by either a screw or nail painted white.  You'll want something of about the same weight as scrapbooking paper which you can purchase in bulk and white. 

    4) Remember to consider "what am I going to do with this thing once the wedding is over?"..  Making something smaller that you can use as a wall decoration or even as your guest book after the ceremony (have guests sign it using multi-colored permanent markers...) may be an idea to also consider...

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    I agree with the PPs. A few more thoughts:

    1. Transportation. If you're not careful, the flowers will all bend when you move them. Also keep this in mind as you'll need to store them as you work on them prior to the wedding.

    2. Weight. Those flowers will be heavier than you expect when you pile them all together. You will need a very sturdy setting to keep them upright and balanced. I can picture something like a white trellis with a very heavy stand holding it in place. If you can lean it against a wall, great. If not, a huge stand.

    3. After doing a topiary of kusudama flowers for our wedding, I'm very aware of just how expensive the paper can get. Be prepared.

    4. Talk to your photographer. If you're wearing a white dress, you may blend into the background with your pictures. You may want to consider including other colors for contract. Perhaps keep them mostly white but with accents of your wedding colors?
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  • Thanks for the suggestions! I didn't think about my dress blending in. Very smart suggestion!
  • When I was in college we created a tissue paper flower background for our sorority formal one year. We used a bed sheet that zip-tied to a PVC pipe frame that could be separated in two for transportation. We secured the tissue paper flowers with wire that then poked through the bed sheet and were fastened on the back. It ended up looking pretty nice for a picture taking background and you can find packs of tissue paper of 100 sheets on the internet in pretty much any color so it's not too expensive.
  • @FutureWooly do you have a picture of that?
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    @alhaley88This is what it looked like as a backdrop for pictures. You can see in the second picture how the edge of it looked. I couldn't find any pictures of what the back looked like so you could see how it was put together but it didn't take super long to assemble and make. I think there were four girls making the flowers for it and it only took a couple hours to completely assemble. I reached out to our social chair from that semester to see if she had any pictures of the actual assembly and what it looked like.

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