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Maggianos review 10-20-15

We had a family style luncheon reception for 19 in the Abruzzi room it was perfect for our group! It had balcony access for smokers, everything I had sent or ordered was put together beautifully I was surprised! The food was absolutely fabulous everyone loved it! I set up everything via e-mail and the staff is phenomenal! There was so much food! I wish we had a bigger fridge I would have taken some and actually ate a bit more! We ended up taking most of the sweets table and added it to our cupcakes when we got back to our suite. The pricing is over reasonable too, we had 17 adults and 2 kids. They made my youngest a pizza just for him, the rest of us got super stuffed! We did add 2 side dishes, the sweets table and upgraded an entree and we let those who drink order what they like per drink instead of a bar package. Everything was $1500 plus tip. Oh and that included 3 small simple centerpieces from Pam at Pallette too!
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Re: Maggianos review 10-20-15

  • Congratations!

    I'm thinking of having my reception at Maggion in the Abruzzi room. Did you decorate the room at all? You know bunting etc. Do you think it needs it? I'm planning from UK and it's so hard when you can't go and look around! Any tips re Maggiano's would be great :) thanks :smiley: 
  • I'm just about to book the Abruzzi room as well. I'm probably going to order decorations so we meet the minimum of the room. If I've got to spend the money anyway might as well get some things for it IMO. I think we are going to have about 14 adults and 2 kiddies plus a baby.
  • Ooo can you order decorations from them to meet the room minimum? I'm not that far into my planning yet!
  • Yeah as long as you use their preferred vendors and have the vendor bill maggiano's rather then you. They also have photographer, florist, bakers and entertainment vendors on their list
  • We did not decorate anything other than small centerpieces to help fill our room requirements. We had 17 adults and 2 children. 3 round tables seating for 8, a small table for the sweets table and there is also another small decorative table. We loved the patio access there were tables out there too but it is shared. We were midday, midweek we had no problems with the patio being shared. We left the tables and didn't add decor bc we wanted to just have lunch there and do cake and party in a suite so that is where we spent our money. The room is mostly dark wood and a cream or white. Since one wall opens to the calabria room so it's all wood and missing a wood panel but unless you're sitting next to it like I was no one would notice. I'll see if I can find any wider shots of the room and add them to the comments. And lauradean is right the sky is the limit when wanting to really deck it out or just a little something to help meet your room requirements. I worked with Pam at Pallette for the centerpieces via email and she was so easy to work with.
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  • Pictures would be amazing as I don't think we are going to meet the minimum with just food as ours is a little more expensive minimum. But it was worth it to have a room to ourselves. I didn't want my sister who is likely to be breastfeeding to feel awkward in an open restaurant setting. Plus the kiddies wont be bugging other diners as well! It's good to know pam was easy to work with :)
  • Ah photos would be amazing if you can manage any. Thank you. That's really useful info. I probably won't go wild win decorations not wanting to spend too much money on them but just didn't want a plane rooms an so she'd to tell on the pictures they send you if its gonna be dark n dingy or anything :) x
  • Note the missing panel behind me in the second picture. Sorry for doubles and for taking so long. Hope it helps!
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  • Thank you that's a great help. Love your little centre pieces :) didn't even notice the panel!
  • Thank you for posting the pictures they are very helpful :)
  • You're welcome! Thank you! I sent the paper table names with names of who is at the table. Pam did the floating candle and petal bowls and little diamond things for a touch of bling. It was $135 for 3. My daughter put the rose petals on the sweets table after we got there. :)
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  • How did you transport your guests from PH to maggianos? I am considering this reception as well?
  • We rented a shuttle bus (not party bus) from earth limos for roughly $120 for an hour and a half, point to point, it sat 22-28 I believe.
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