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How many planned activities?

what are you planning on doing with guests beyond the wedding ceremony/reception? I'd like to find a balance between being a good host and visiting with people and not overwhelming myself or my guests.

As of right now I'm going to do some sort of meet and greet Friday evening and then the ceremony and reception dinner are Saturday. I see so many other fun ideas though.

Re: How many planned activities?

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    Don't underestimate guests' desires to have fun in Vegas.  We just did rehearsal dinner Friday night and wedding/reception Saturday.  We had an informal trip to Fremont and a bar back at Mandalay on Sunday that probably 15 people came on, but just the two 'official' events.

    I wouldn't feel obligated to do any more activities, and may not regardless, because people may feel they need to attend your events even though they may not want to.  I know we had a big group that went and did four wheeling in the mountains on the Sunday, another that did a helicopter ride, some that just did a pub crawl, etc.  So they all had particular plans that didn't include us lol.

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  • We are going to offer our parents and my siblings to come to dinner with us the night before (shared cost) hence why only if they want to and then on day of the wedding do our bits. We have a reception at maggiano's which will probably go on for about 4 hours then we are thinking of a strip tour and after that (should finish around midnight) people can do what they want. One of my sisters will have a 5 month old baby so I'm playing it really low key so people don't feel obliged to be in our pockets. We get in late on the Sunday on the Monday I want to suss out where everything is, get our marriage licence. On Tuesday I want a day to chill out maybe get a massage etc, have our dinner the night before with tone immidiate family then we get married on the Wednesday. Most of my guests are getting in on the Monday and leaving on Thursday to do their on stuff anyway so I don't think it's a major problem. We are coming from the U.K. Though so my family is treating this like a holiday so they will want to do their own stuff :)
  • Thanks for the input. I was thinking keeping it simple would be best. I'm sure people will have things they want to do and it's less stress on me. I'm sure I'll have more last minute things to do than I expect. 
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