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Lose the love handles!

Sooo, I had my first dress fitting last night!  It was amazing and I loved my dress even more this time!  It felt amazing on, fit great and looked amazing.  However, while the seamstress and my mom were standing behind me I notice them looking at the area around my love handles and the seamstress gently patted my side and whispered "she has time, don't worry"!!! haha (it was NOT in a nasty way at all).  
She basically said it was pulling slightly in the area below the corset and by my hips.  I asked her how much I needed to lose, she didn't give me a number, she just said, do what you can and if worse comes to worse she can take it out a bit in that area.  
So with that said, and with also feeling like my bust looked a little too busty, I need to stay on track with losing weight!
I have done WW in the past and lost over 50lbs (have gained a tiny bit back since stopping), so I have decided to do WW again (doing it on my own this time with tracking and all) and I am going to start the gym consistently.  My wedding is in 80 days!!
Does anyone have any good workout routines for me to do during the week while at the gym?  I am not a gym person, meaning I hate it lol.  I don't mind light running on the treadmill and I'm not scared of weights and machines.

Any advice would be great!!!

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    There's a few apps you can download to help at the gym.  One is "Tone it Up" and the other is "Pump Up App."  I like both but the Pump Up app lets you input what your looking to do and if the workout will be at home or the gym, what equipment you have access to, etc and it creates a workout for you.

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  • awesome, thank you @ohmrs2014 !
  • Spanx under the corset...  Try that first...  Really!!! 

    Then squats and Deadlifts are your two best exercises...  Because Deadlifts solve all of the world's problems - especially seamstresses and Moms projecting things that make you self-conscious... 

  • A good undergarment makes all the difference! I am with @MesmrEwe try the spanx corset option.

    Also, if you can, try a class at the gym. I HATE going to the gym but was dragged along with a friend to a barre class and now I love that class!
  • I've had the hardest time trying to get rid of my love handles too! It's the worst thing to look at. I've been doing ab weight machines because I was told the best way to reduce love handles is to workout your whole overall stomach area. There's not specific workout just for love handles unfortunately.
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