Need help planning bachelorette party in Portland, ME!

Hello! I am in the process of planning my best friend's bachelorette party. She would like to have it in Portland, ME. I live in NY and unfortunately I have never been there - planning has been a little difficult. My best friend is laid back (definitively not the "club/techno" type) - she loves a good pub, great beer, music, the outdoors - and simply wants to have a great time. There are about 8 of us - all in our 30's. Does anyone have any recommendations for fun things to do or bars/restaurants to go to? 
Any recommendations on a great Mexican restaurant in the Portland area? 

Also, does anyone have any recommendations on where to stay? A place preferably not too expensive, and in town? 

Any recommendations are much appreciated! Thank you!!

Re: Need help planning bachelorette party in Portland, ME!

  • Hi,

    First of all, you will love Portland as it is such a fun city!

    Here are suggestions for things to do:
    Schedule a paint night at Muse
    Escape Room

    Fun bars:
    Ri-Ra Irish Pub
    Foreplay (The upstairs is more club style)
    Bullfeenys Pub
    Gritty McDuff's Pub

    Mexican Restaurants:
    Taco Escobar
    Taco Trio
    Zapoteca Restaurant

    Places to stay:
    Holiday Inn by the Bay is one of the best place to stay if you are planning on going out in the Old Port, 
    because it is in walking distance. 

  • Portland is awesome! 
    I live in Portsmouth, NH but go to Portland for the beer. For a true beer lover, I recommend Novare Res - a great little spot to hang out with friends inside or outside. You could also look into a brewery tour at Allagash (free samples!)

    Tons of awesome brunch places. The Holy Donut will change your life. Check out Yelp for Mexican suggestions. 

    look into VRBO or airbnb for a house rental. They're usually way more affordable than the hotels downtown - you will pay $200+ a room for most hotels downtown. Plus, it's awesome to be able to go back to a house and relax after a long day of walking!
  • PPs have a lot of the best places mentioned. You will end up paying quite a bit for a hotel so either be prepared for that or look into options like house rental. I live here and one of my favorite parts is that the city is easy to walk and navigate. You can walk the entire place from one end to the other in like 30 minutes so if you don't like the place you start out at just walk a block or so and there's another one. There is an endless supply of good beer, bars, and restaurants.

    Also just throwing this out there, in the old port there is a place called Muse Paintbar which is a place where they show you how to make a painting step by step and everyone gets to drink wine/beer and leave with a painting worthy of hanging in your home. If you guys are artsy at all I'd recommend it and they do bachelorette parties all the time. My friend planned mine at one of their locations we all had a blast!
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