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Bouquet and centerpiece dilemma

Hello!  I picked my bridesmaids dresses (a bright berry purple - Alfred Angelo violet) with the idea to use my favorite flower, sunflower, along with other bright green and blue blooms in the bouquets. I love how this looks!  But we recently decided to try to use the centerpieces that come with our venue, which are tall ball-style arrangements of white hydrangeas and blush pink roses.  I'd love to repurpose some of my ceremony and bouquet decor in the reception room, but I just don't see sunflower yellow working with blush pink as they are in two totally different palates.  Does anyone have any ideas of how to bring brighter colors into the reception without making the house centerpieces look out of place?   We're trying to avoid spending money on other centerpieces since our venue's version is perfectly fine but for the color.  Thanks!

Re: Bouquet and centerpiece dilemma

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    Ughh that's tough. Luckily blush is kind of a neutral and it will maybe fade into the background with all those bright colors. I don't know. You could always go play with the silk flowers at Michael's or Hobby Lobby and see what it could possibly look like in person too.

    Have you considered incorporating your colors into the linens? Like napkins or a colored tablecloth underlayment? Chair covers or accent bows? Napkin ties?

    Are the venue's centerpieces fresh flowers? Or are they fake? If it's fresh, maybe you can negotiate with them to exchange out the flowers for another color perhaps?

  • We have talked about incorporating our purple as an overlay or table runner, but we'd have to custom order or make these as the color purple of the dresses isn't the same purple our venue has in stock and it's just different enough it could clash.   I tried the Michael's comparison and wasn't loving the blush near the sunflower, but they wouldn't be right next to each other so you could be right that the neutrals will just kind of blend together and not pose a problem.  Our venue's centerpieces are fake so switching out flowers isn't doable.  I hate to spend the extra $$ on centerpieces to make everything match, but at the same time don't want to the reception theme to be totally confused.  Perhaps people have different color themes for ceremony versus reception and I just don't repurpose the reception decor or use the bouquets in the reception?  Is this weird? 
  • IMO - from what you said, the ones the venue has are going to over the top clash.  This then is one of those "just let it go" or do something like the tea lights and mirrors for the centerpieces, figure out something simple/cheap (buy loose blue flower stems that you can put into bud vases when you do your setup - which will save you from paying the delivery/setup from your florist but they're still providing the blooms to match) and/or just skip it.  Nothing says you HAVE to have centerpieces.  Bring your ceremony flowers and use them as decorations around the head table or DJ table or bar area (pay the premium if your florist will do the moving/setup for you so you don't have to beg someone in the family to because you aren't going to have the time/ability on the day-of).. 

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