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Nov 10 2015! Reviews part 1! (Mirage, Wynn, Maggiano's, Freeds, All Night Long)

Well I am finally home from my amazing honeymoon and feel like I need to pay it forward with some reviews as I know everyone's reviews on these boards helped me so much in the planning process.

Mirage - A+
The majority of our guests as well as us stayed at the Mirage while in Vegas for 5 nights.  I have never stayed there before and really have nothing negative to say about it.  We got a nice offer from M-Life from our gambling at previous trips and we were able to use the VIP services so check in was a breeze.  Initially when we checked in (around 1:00) they said our room wasn't ready.  But then the VIP services manager came over when she saw my carrying my wedding dress and was able to change us into a room that was ready.  I was super appreciative of that! 

Wynn (ceremony venue) - A++
When I went for my scouting trip to Vegas last year and saw the primrose courtyard at the Wynn I instantly knew that was where I wanted to get married.  We worked with Cabriole (Kabbie) and her assistant Monte Ray.  They were amazing throughout the process and really helped make the planning process a breeze.  I had one freak out moment right when I was about to walk down the aisle.  I realized one of my bustles on my dress was done up and the ties holding it up were knotted really bad.  Thankfully Kabbie was able to untie it just in time for my entrance.  Since some of our family and friends were unable to make it to Vegas for the wedding we decided to have our wedding streamed online for them for 60 days.  This was surprisingly affordable and honestly worth every penny.

Cashman Photography (ceremony photos) - B
Our wedding coordinator at the Wynn insisted that there was no option to opt out of cashman (even for a fee).  We had half an hour of photography and videography of the ceremony included in our package.  I cannot remember the name of our photographer, which is a shame, because she was actually fantastic.  She came into my dressing room a few minutes before the ceremony to chat with me about the photos I wanted as well as take a few photos with me and my bridesmaids.  After the ceremony we had about 15 minutes with her to take some photos with family members and the bridal party in Primrose court.  She had an amazing sense of humor and was a joy to work with.  My husband was so nervous about having photos taken and she made him feel so relaxed and comfortable.  We had a meeting with the photo department at the Wynn the next day to view our photos.  Now the only reason I didn't give them an A+ was the price.  They wanted over $1800 for the digital rights to the photos (only half an hour worth of photos).  This was heart breaking because we really did like a lot of the photos but I just don't feel like that is affordable to us at this time, especially with how bad the exchange rate is for us Canadians.  We got 6 prints that were included in our package and purchased an additional 4.  The digital rights to our photos will be available for 2 months and I have heard that they sometimes become cheaper or have sales so I am crossing my fingers and toes that this happens.

Maggiano's (reception venue) - A ++++++++++++++++
I honestly do not feel like I could have picked a better place for my reception!  They were absolutely amazing!  I worked with Beth and Sabrina during the planning process and they were very responsive and easy to work with. We had 35 guests and booked the DiCarlo and Calabria room together.  It was really nice having the extra space of the second room so we had a nice big dance floor.  The food was ridiculously good! Almost every single guest at our wedding came up to us after dinner just to rave about the food and almost everyone unanimously agreed that this was the best "wedding food" that they have ever had.  To say that the staff at Maggiano's went above and beyond for us during the reception is an understatement!  We had one vegetarian guest and 2 guests who have celiac and can not eat gluten.  Out of nowhere they added an additional hors d'ouerve of stuffed mushrooms for everyone so our one vegetarian guest had more options to choose from.  They made our 2 gluten free guests completely separate meals and did this all without charge.  Also, at the end of the night my husbands grandmother tripped and fell, thankfully she was okay, but all of the staff there were amazing with making sure she was okay, offering to call an ambulance and getting her ice etc.  They even called the next day just to check in and make sure she was doing okay.  These are just a couple of examples of how great they were.  I know that every time I come to Vegas in the future, I will make a point of coming to eat here!

Freeds - A ++
We got our wedding cake through Freed's as it was one of the preferred vendors for Maggiano's.  Our cake was amazing!  It was so beautiful and exactly what I asked for.  We got 2 flavors which were Vanilla with bavarian cream and strawberry puree and then chocolate with bavarian cream and raspberry puree.  The cake tasted amazing, however most of our guests were so full from dinner that not even half of it was eaten.  Maggiano's offered to pack some of it up for us and our guests to enjoy later which was great!

All Night Long Entertainment - A +
We used all night long for a DJ and uplighting for the room.  The uplighting looked great and they threw it in for free when we booked the DJ which was a nice bonus.  The DJ was great and played a good mix of music that kept everyone happy.  He also served as our MC and did a great job of keeping everything on track for the evening.

More reviews to come!

Re: Nov 10 2015! Reviews part 1! (Mirage, Wynn, Maggiano's, Freeds, All Night Long)

  • I've just booked the Abruzzi room at maggiano's im so excited now! Your review spurred me into action. Im glad you had such a lovely day :)
  • Did you provide transportation for your guests from the Wynn to Maggianos? and do you mind me asking about how Maggianos cost you?
  • We did not provide transportation between as they are so close and the time of year we were there it was not scorching hot.  I may have considered if it was July/August.  We basically just paid the room minimum plus which was $4200 and the 20% event fee.  That included all of the food and open bar.
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